How to convert your Android device to make it feel new device

If you are using an Android Device, then you can access many features without any limitations. Android users can customize functions and features as they prefer.

Even Though iOS stays vastly locked down on behalf of the ability of users to tweak its appearance and feel after iOS 14’s modification. Android allows users to plot a pixel-by-pixel redesign of your Android device.

You can simply change the wallpaper to install an entirely different launcher. Users are provided with a number of different alternatives and this will make you feel like you have bought the latest device without any of the related costs.

Let’s dive in to find how we can change our Android device to make it feel like a brand new device.

1. Changing wallpaper

Basically, we are spending most of the day looking at mobile devices. So, it would be advisable to put something attractive on your screen as it can affect your mental health. Besides, you can modify the wallpaper by pressing on a blank space continuously on the home screen of the device. Then select Wall paper > Styles & wallpapers.

2. Perform experiments with widgets

When it comes to widgets, it’s not all about how widgets can make your device more interestingly, but also it can be very helpful. As an example, a calendar widget can remind upcoming schedules or a media player widget with playback controls. Moreover, it can save your time switching between applications.

3. Installation a brand new launcher

Launcher applications will grant charge of your home screen of your device, application drawer, app icons and many more. Additionally, it provides a fully visual revamp, and launches a complete host of new customization alternatives for users to play around with.

4. Provide a different icon pack

With the use of icon packs, users can find icon packs like delta and viral on the Google Play Store. This will enlist the launchers that they support with. Therefore, this might be able to detect the few which tally with launchers you like.

5. Do Rearranging your home screens

Android provides users plenty of flexibility without concerning installation of the launcher. This provides getting app icons, web shortcuts, and widgets which have been arranged on your screens of the device by click, hold and drag on any icon to move it.

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