Best Killer Apps for Android you must try in 2020

If you have any issues related to the speed of your device when you are launching several applications on your device at once. You will need to have an auto app killer application on your device to solve the issue. The main cause of slow speed of your device is low RAM or if the user performs multitasking.

Battery of the device may drain if you run the application in the background. Or this may utilize other resources such as RAM and make your device slow. In this article we have mentioned the best auto app killer application for Android devices you must try.

This may not be useful for those applications with the latest smart devices since these are released with High-end technology with updated android versions. Yet, we have paid attention to users who are using previous versions of Android like Android 4.0 etc. These applications are known as the best option for only users who are accessing older versions of android.

Best Free Android Auto App Killers You Must Use

We have mentioned the best application you must try to save your battery life, boost your device, hibernate and many more features. You can experience each application with its own conditions.

1.) Advanced Task Manager

Optimize performance of your device with a single click using this application. This provides you the alternative of customization all depending on your requirements. Moreover, users can terminate merely choosed applications you prefer. The CPU lagging monitor presents you everything in detail. In this way users can check the performance.

This application is compatible with almost all the Android versions and changes are fruitful for use. GPS executes in the background consumes a considerable amount of RAM and drains your battery, yet this application has the ability to terminate GPS applications automatically and assist to boost the speed of the device.

2.) Task Killer

Task Killer boosts your speed of the device by free space of the device with a single click. This is also known as the one of the best app killer applications. Task Killer checks the status of total memory usage of the device and gives your related details about the application which consumes a lot of memory on your device.

3.) Greenify

This application consists of almost everything you require to resolve your lag and speed issues of your device. Additionally, Greenify provides smooth and efficient technology with its optimized technology. Also, it terminates and hibernates every application which is not needed or making issues in your smartphone.

Greenify does not accumulate any personal details which is known as an authentic application. If you need to boost your battery, then greenify will be an ideal option for you.

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