Best Free Hidden Spy Apps for Android You Must Try

Most of the people searching for an ideal and secure spy application to spy on their friends and families to check on them without caughting. Also, we used to look after our loved ones to check if they have been involved in some kind of illegal activities which you are not aware of.

With the development of the software industry, it has now become possible to spy on others with applications. These applications are able to monitor activities without rooting the aimed android device. In this article, we are going to discuss the best hidden spy applications for Android devices.

We came up with the best three options for you to select in the below.

  • Spyier - One of the best hidden Spy Application for Both Android and iPhone, No required to Root or Jailbreak
  • Spyic - Best choice for Money, Most Trustworthy and secure Hidden Spy Application
  • Spyine - One of the most powerful spy application, expensive compared to other applications
  • Spyier

    Spyier is the best Android spy app that works vigilantly on Android software and does not require rooting for any functionality. It has also been reviewed in magazines and big news outlets such as PCWorld, TechTimes, and TechRadar, etc.

    What makes Spyier the best Android Spy App?

  • No need to root the device.
  • No need to have technical knowledge.
  • Provide a stealth mode.
  • Has a web-based interface.
  • What utmost features does Spyier offer?

  • Provide the ability to read someone’s text messages.
  • Social Media Tracking.
  • Geo-fencing.
  • Spyic

    This is one of the best spy applications for Android users. Users can track the location or monitor the target with GPS tracking easily. Also it has the ability to track browse history or monitor the searched sites, bookmarks, URL and etc.

    Additionally, this application consists of stealth mode that has the ability to hide it from the display and tracks the target without letting them know.

    This gives precise details about calls, messages, and browser history to monitor the target object properly. Additionally, you can find the location of the target, location tracking has been provided by the application. So, with the assistance of the geofence alert feature you can design geofences across the e-map. Application will be notified to the users when these geofences get detected by the target.

    Moreover, Spyic can spy on each and every message on the targeted device. This software gives the spying data and monitores information on the dashboard.


    Spyine is well known as a phone monitoring solution for Android users. Interface of this application is based on the web and it lets users grant access from a web browser. This application includes a stealth mode feature which hides it from the display and monitors the activities without knowing the aim. Also, you can monitor social applications such as Whatsapp, Snapchat, etc.

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