Best Android Emulator You Must Try For Windows 10

Let’s assume you own an iPhone and you like to test an Android prior to switching to the Android OS. Maybe you wish to investigate an Android development and require an app testing environment. Or you prefer to customize your Android OS without concern about bricking your device.

It is always useful to have an Android Emulator on your PC. In this article, we are going to list the best Android Emulators for Windows 10.

1. NoxPlayer

NoxPlayer is one of the popular Go-to Android Emulators for Windows 10. Highly trusted, and stable NoxPlayer introduces a lot to the users. Also, it provides all the alternatives to NoxPlayer like other competitive emulators. As an example, you will be able to find the CPU and RAM processing size of the NoxPlayer, which lets users imitate the hardware specifications of each device.

2. BlueStacks

BlueStacks is known as one of the top Android Emulators for Windows 10. BluStack is easy to install since it has only a simple installation guide. Simply, install it on your desktop or laptop, and it will provide you with an Android environment.

BluStacks aims Android Mobile gamers comparable to developers. BlueStack consists of a lot of built-in additional features. As an example, BluStack allows users to make Android gaming content that you can monetize via the platform.

3. Andy

Andy is known as one of the best overall Android emulators which have been released so far. Additionally, this application comes with a number of amazing features for gamers and developers.

Simply, you can use your smart device as a remote control for Andy. You will be able to use your Xbox or PlayStation controller instead. Moreover, Andy supports storage integration with your desktop, which makes testing and debugging during Android application development easier. Besides, you can alter and customize hardware features like RAM and CPU usage via integrated virtual machine settings of Andy.

4. Phoenix OS

In the past, Android Emulator users were quite familiar with Jide’s Remix OS Player. Remix OS Player was a powerful Android Emulator based application which is similar to the Linux OS. Phoenix is known as the go-to for a modified Android Emulator Environment for Windows 10.

5. MEmu

MEmu is one of the helpful Android Emulators for Windows 10. You can install this application without any difficulties since it has only simple installation guides. MEmu is quite popular for its keyboard mapping feature. This means, simply you can tap on an area on the screen of the device using your mouse and then insert a key to control your app or game.

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