How To Root Android - Simple Guide Root Any Non-Samsung Smartphone

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All the Android smartphone users who have the question of how to root Android always looking forward to getting to know successful Android rooting solutions. Although there are several competitive rooting solutions, most of them have limitations and it's hard to find out a common rooting solution. Technically, there is no common rooting solution for all the Android devices and it's hard to believe there would be such a solution in the future. Because Android technology develops rapidly and each device manufacturer uses advanced security measures to keep their devices intact. Let's get to know one of successful rooting solution that can be used for almost all of the Android smartphones

How To Root Android

Here, you will be able to get to know, how to root Android using CF-Auto-Root. CF-Auto-Root is frequently used to root Samsung smartphones and hardly used to root Non-Samsung smartphones. Although CF-Auto-Root binary files can be used to root other smartphones, users do not pay much attention to it.

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How To Root Any Non-Samsung Smartphone Using CF-Auto-Root

Note: Make sure to unlock the bootloader of your device. If you haven't unlocked your device, the data on your device will be wiped when the CF-Auto-Root attempt to unlock it by itself. Make sure to check if your device manufacturer has released a specific bootloader unlocking tool to unlock your device before trying the rooting solution. Unlocked bootloader is essential for this rooting solution to work and grant root access

  • Install relevant USB Drivers on your computer
  • Download correct CF-Auto-Root file on your computer and extract it
  • Switch-Off the Android smartphone
  • Boot your Android device to bootloader mode
  • Connect it to the computer when it boots into bootloader mode
  • Now, access the location where you have extracted the CF-Auto-Root file 
  • You will see some files there as,, and root-windows.bat 
  • Doule-click the relevant file according to your computer operating system 
  • Next, you will get a command prompt window and it explains to you about the CF-Auto-Root bootloader unlocking process
  • Press any key to continue after reading and understanding the explanation

Now, the CF-Auto-root will start to root your device and the smartphone will show you a red Android robot. When the rooting process completes, your smartphone will reboot automatically.

Final Word

Now, you have a rooted smartphone literally and you need to verify if you exactly have the root access. you can verify it in two ways. The first way is installing the root checker app and the second way is running a root-app. I would rather prefer the first way because the second method may bring some complications. I hope now you have a reasonable answer to the question of how to root Android. However, 100%  success guarantee cannot be assured in this regard.

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