How To Root Android & Install Better File Explorer On Your Android

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Are you looking forward to install a file explorer on your Android? If so, you would be happy to hear about Solid Explorer File Manager. Generally, Android doesn't have a default file explorer and you need to install yourself an appropriate explorer on your Android. Most of the users now prefer to have an explorer with the root exploring ability. Because most of Android smartphones are already rooted bynow. Here we are going to talk about Solid Explorer and Cloud Manager which allows you to explore and manage your Android device properly.

How To Root Android & Install Solid Explorer 

Technically, you can use Solid Explorer on your non-rooted Android device without any harassment. But, if your device already has root access, you can use Solid Explorer as a root explorer app and access your system partition. So, if you have an intention to root your Android, Solid Explorer app would be nice option to explore your system partition. Android users prefer rooting as it opens up an unseen side of Android. If you are someone who is interested in Android rooting, Magisk and Odin Root would be nice solutions.

Solid Explorer 

The Solid Explorer is available in the Google Play store as trial and premium versions. Trial version is only valid for 14 days and you need to get the premium version to continue using. Here are the top features of the app.

  • Fingerprint or password to protect your  files and folders 
  • Root access make the Solid Explorer a root explorer
  • Two panels are serving as file browsers and drag/drog features inside and between them
  • Highly customizable appearance
  • Highly support for cloud storages
  •  Changes system level file properties
  • Automatically  mounts  file systems as read/write 
  • Comes with a music player and image viewer which allow you to play remote content 
  • Casts content to Chromecast

What is your idea about  Solid Explorer? In my opinion, it is a complete file management application. You can try it yourself and decide today itself for free. Usually, we need file explorer as we are always dealing with our Android smartphones installing and uninstalling files and folders. It's really hard to find a file in Android without a file explorer if you do not remember where it is.

 Final Word

If you are looking forward to having a file explorer for your Android device, especially it is rooted,  Solid Explorer would be really useful. Not only file exploring but also it provides effective file managing functions too.

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