Nexus 5 Rooting Guide Nexus Root Toolkit

Nexus root Toolkit specially developed for nexus 5 rooting is easy and fast rooting device the users can use. Nexus Root toolkit is a tool to record backup and restores in the system other than rooting Google Nexus. Therefore Nexus toolkit 1.8.7, the latest Nexus rooting toolkit is a multi-tasking tool can be used for Google Nexus rooting.
But Nexus 5 rooting toolkit doesn’t support Mac and Linux. Nexus 5 root toolkit supports Windows OS only for operating. But mac and Linux users can use Wine (a VM) and run Nexus Root Toolkit for rooting Nexus devices

Nexus Root Toolkit v1.8.7 Latest Features

  • Customizes the files
  • Automates TWRP
  • Automates file and system updating
  • New notification system
  • Developed restore facilities
  • Fixes bugs for previous versions
  • Fixes Web work security
  • Fixes buds in JPEG library
  • Implements Per- zone user data handling
  • Optimizes Quick Find route Implementation
  • Enhanced Screen recording feature
  • Fixes Web work security

Support Devices for Nexus Root Toolkit 1.8.7

  • Nexus 4 and 5 LG phones
  • Nexus 10 Samsung tablet
  • Nexus 7 and 7 3G Asus tablets
  • Nexus S Worldwide
  • Nexus S i9020
  • Nexus S i9023
  • Nexus S 850MHz
  • Nexus S i9020
  • Nexus S Korea
  • Nexus S m200
  • Galaxy Nexus GSM
  • Galaxy Nexus CDMA/LTE Sprint
  • Galaxy Nexus CDMA/LTE Verizon
  • Nexus 4G d720
Nexus rooting toolkit can perform permits se files, flash the zip files, generates log cat and bug reports and push and pull files also other than rooting nexus devices.

Nexus 5 Rooting Guide

  1. It is always better to have a Backup of the data
  2. Then select the device want to root
  3. After that configure the drivers of the device if you haven’t configured them before
  4. Then unlock the device
  5. Finally root Nexus 5 can be performed

For authentic rooting nexus 5 OTA updates can be activated
Nexus 5 root toolkit credits go to Chainfire, and Team Win or developing the Nexus root toolkit and Google

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