Download Latest Android OS Free

Download Latest Android Version Free

The latest android version android 4.4 is ready to meet android fans. Android 4.4 comes with many changes and enhancements we expected. With its cooler and modern design its coming fairly prettier than the previous android versions.

New Features in Android KitKat Version

The most attractive development is newest Android version is coming with a touch less control like apple “Siri”. New feature in android 4.4 version is its voice controllable. With no touch we can do what we need with voice.
Other user Android 4.4 user friendly feature is prioritizing the contacts according to calls dialed and incoming. Using revamped phone app in google Android KitKat version for Samsung Galaxy S4 make your contacts sorting. So we don’t need to search for the contacts we want to dial always.

Download Latest Android KitKat OS for Samsung

On the other hand newest Android version 4.4 enhanced with multimedia full screen feature through Chromecast. Latest 4.4 Android version hides status and navigation bars when playing any media file letting play, skip a pause button visible.
Android 4.4 version with hangout app handles the SMS and MMS features indicating the where we are through GPS facility and share with colleagues.
Latest android version 2013 for mobiles is coming with cloud printing facility via mobile. We can print what we want through any computer in the world.
In case of a call form an unknown number latest Android version 2013 tries to make it as a business contact searching through Google Map. So it is a cool new features of latest Android version.
You can download the latest Android Version free or the free download latest Android version for Samsung here.

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