Tricks To Speed Up Computer

How To Speed Up PC By Overclocking 

How you feel if your computer wouldn't work fast without overclock processor. Definitely you get frustrated and seeking for options such a format the computer, uninstall some programs and clean up the disk. Bur how many of you have tried for overclock processor?

To overclock is the process of making faster the rate of giving commands from processor.clock speed shows the speed of data processing. It’s measured by cycles per second alias MHz

All other components of the computer like RAM, VGA work according to the clock the clock speed of those items also go parallel with the clock speed.

By default the clock speed is given by the manufacturer and if you are frustrated with this you can change it as follows. This directly speeds up your computer and has faster performances.

But please be noted that to overclock processor mustn’t be done at it gets hot and would get damaged, therefore to overclock processor is recommended only for running the applications that really need to work speeder. Otherwise keep its default speed.

How To Know The Clock Speed Of The Processor

Before starting to overclock processor we must know the speed of the processor. You can have it as follows.
  1. Right click on My Computer and got o Properties.
  2. A window will appear and click on General tab.
  3. There you see the speed and RAM capacity.
Or else
  1. Start >Run
  2. Type Dxdiag and press ok
  3. Clock on the System in DirectX Diagnostic Tool window
  4. You see the speed of the processor under the processor speed.

    How To Overclock Processor 

  1. Restart the computer.
  2. Access the BIOS setup by pressing the relevant key (in most of the computers it is delete key. You can get to know the key when the computer starts)
  3. Go to Frequency/Voltage Control tab(in some computers it is Chipset Features)
  4. Enable CPU Host Clock Control (default selection is disable ad you can’t change the speed)
  5. After that CPU Clock option gets activated and there you can see the speed of the processor.
  6. To overclock processor click on CPU clock and press Enter.
  7. A new window will come and show the range for the overclock processor
  8. Now you can change the speed under the Key in a DEC Number under the range.
  9. Save the BIOS and exit.(press esc key and select Save and Exit)
If you have change the speed that exceeds the range computer won’t boot and nothing will display. Then turn off the power for the computer and remove System unit’s cover. then remove the battery on the mother board and keep it sometime s and again fix removing the battery the default settings will be loaded and any changes to BIOS get removed. Now turn on the computer.

If your overclock processor is successful it will boot normally and you can check the speed by right-click on my computer icon and go to Properties and under general tab you see it.

Over Clock The RAM Speed

By overclock the RAM you change the rate of data processing.

You can change it as below.
  1. Got to BIOS and then to Frequency/Voltage Control
  2. Select the DRAM Clock (MHz) and press enter.
  3. DRAM Clock window will appear and change the speed ( default selection is By SPD and below that there  are many ranges )
  4. Save and exit the BIOS.
On the first boot you see the new speed of the RAM.In some computers this feature is under “into Advanced Chipset Features” and under that front-side bus (FSB)
If you hear a continues beep sound without getting load, this means computer can’t undergo the speed of the RAM. You can avoid it as said above by removing the battery.
You can overclock processor by following the above steps and have a faster computer with you.

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