Microsoft with open source mobile OS Sailfish


For the first time Microsoft is going to release an open source mobile OS Sailfish. Sailfish the latest mobile OS that is expected to be a competitor to iOS and Android.

The OS is based on Mer. Mer is an open source operating system working on tablets. Mobile phones and new TVs. The features coming from Sailfish seems to be influenced from Mer. According to the news coming from sailfish is more user-friendly than the any other OS we find to comes with features that can be enabled  or disabled without loin to tested the latest mobile OS can be run on many chipsets without any failure.

But as I think this needs more RAM and video memory as it has high graphic performances. Comparing to Windows mobiles this is more impressive due to its graphic interface. It comes with transparent appearance that is not available in Windows mobiles.


This mobile OS looks like Windows OS user interface. (It must be so as it is developed by Microsoft) but unlike in Windows phone we don’t need to shuffle between the application. Sailfish mobile has concerned on this matter very much and therefore we find an easy way of handling such stuffs.

Just think you are listening to a song and you need to make a call. Then you have to go to the application and pause it and come back to home screen to make the call. But here in Sailfish mobile OS we can stop the song and make the call in the home screen it isn’t it easy guys?

Its main menu appears look like that of Apple and a cool looking display. The transparent mode comes with the interface enhances the interface. The other facility we see is the ability to select options of an application from the app page. Unlike other mobile OS we can have option on the selected App by pressing and holding the particular app this is kind of multi-tasking facility we find in the first time in mobile OS.

Another new feature we find in new mobile OS is not using “Pulley Menu”. Instead of pull down menus we see in modern mobiles it has been replaced with menu items. This increases the usage of display and it saves battery life in this case the app (most of the features) has been created with user and electricity friendly manner. The structure of this OS seems to be much advance for touch the new trend in mobiles today we see most of the apps depend on internet applications, widely social networks. In Sailfish it is very easy to connect with social networks due to its new feature “Pulley menu”.


I find a rally good work in Sailfish mobile OS. That is we don’t see the signal strength and the battery charge on top on top of the screen instead of that we can find it in the lock-screen. It is  a pleasure not to see it.(in some mobile OS this feature makes the interface awkward)
So all around this new mobile OS Sailfish is a better open source OS than we see today. The interface, new features especially the ability to enable and disable the apps on homepage makes Sailfish mobile OS a next rival of iOS  &  Android.

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