How To Avoid Malware And KeyLogger From Crack Files

How To Run Crack Files Safe, Download Malware Remover, KeyLogger

Hey guys in this article I’m going to tell you how to safe guard your PC from malicious software when we download and run crack files from internet.
Most of us don’t have enough money to buy the original software we want. So what we do is just downloading crack files from torrent. It was so popular those days due to “torrific” service later was banned and most of people are searching for “terrific alternatives”. But do you know that with the run of this crack files much malicious software  such as keylogger, malware would run on your  PC and harm it. Sometimes the result may be dreadful- none recoverable if you don’t care.

How to Run In A Sandbox

Sandbox software is a resolution to avoid those kinds of malicious software. You can have it along with Avast virus guard. When you up grade it will automatically install this feature. If you are not using Avast here is an option for you to get rid of. It is Sandbox software. What happens there is any malicious software or features included in crack files are run in Sandbox and no harmful effect on computer and your PC is healthy.
Download Sandbox . This is free software but still you can run it on PC without any crash.   

How To Protect Privacy In Internet

Zemana Antilogger

This is the top rated privacy protection software we can have.
As I told you before your PC will infected with many malicious software when running crack files. key Logger, a bad feature along with crack can be avoided using this AntiLogger. Most of the times these are coming through Internet. any secret codes you type in forms in Internet such as email; address, password, credit card numbers and so and so.
That’s why we need better Anti Logger software. You can download such a software “Kaspersky Password Manager” from Kaspersky,. But the software I’m going to mention here is so reliable than it. Zemana is the number one AntilLogger software we can download. 
Download Zemana AntiLogger trail (or paid ).

After that download only the keygen from torrent search.

Install the trail.

Then run the keygen and generate a key from the file you download through the torrent file. Hence we have Sandbox run this keygen in sandbox.

Go to the license tab and  paste the key generated from keygen.

Then you have the full version of Zemana AntiLogger, the top AntiLogger software.


This is also software that can protect your computer from malicious software. But you need to have bit knowledge in computer to use Combofix.
but unfortunately its download link has expired. if you have downloaded it before try in this way.
After getting downloaded it will run. At the first point it is going to create a restore point.

Then it will automatically create  a backup file of the registry.

After that whole computer is scanned by Combofix.

After finishing the scan you need to restart the PC. Look  any malicious software if had prevailed has gone.

How To Protect From Adware

Malwrebytes pro

Adware is malicious software running on most of the computers all over the world.
For an example this is so called “Windows System Defender” fake virus guard.

No any other way to remove this file. That’s only Malwarebytes Pro can remove this adware.
Download Malwarebytes Pro trail from here.
when yoy are prompted to enter key type one of this.



Online Scan Service


This is a web site that gives you to scan any crack file download from Internet. Before run any file in PC just uploads that file and run a scan. Do you know the file we upload is scanned by 46 virus guards. If most of the virus guard say there are malicious features are there in the file just run it in Sandbox.

 If nothing will effect on your PC.

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool

This is an essential tool one must have. If your PC is infected you can run Kaspersky Virus Removal tool and remove those malicious software.Download Kaspersky Virus Removal

So if you need to have much experience in on coming softwares first you must download and install these security software.If you will have a safer computer with better performances and keep your data safely.So try these tricks and if you have any questions subscribe us

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