Firefox For Mobile Phones

Firefox Mobile OS, New Mobile OS

Mozilla foundation has released its latest Firefox mobile OS for portable devices such as smartphones and tablet PC. The first mobile OS from Mozilla is this OS.

 Firefox for mobile phones is an open standard mobile OS.that is to say this is kind of Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows this Firefox mobile OS is an open source model any developer can developed its source code. Firefox foundation has released Firefox OS’s sourcecode.though Android is supposed to be an open source operating system software its full source code is not released. It’s but here in this Firefox OS its full source code has been released. No restrictions are  affected on Firefox OS for mobile phones. Therefore Firefox mobile OS is the first open standard mobile OS.

Future Mobiles With Firefox

In 2013 portable devices with Firefox mobile OS will come to the market. ZTE and TCL companies in China say they going to release mobile phones powered on Firefox OS .So they expect to use QUALCOMM Snapdragon processor that is being used in Samsung Galaxy versions. This gives us an expectation that Firefox OS is also a powerful mobile OS like the other OSes use in mobile phones. On the other hand most of the mobile phone service providers have agreed to have their connections to Firefox mobile OS.

Try Firefox Mobile OS

A beta edition of the mobile OS has been released to its consumers. You can check this on any PC running as a Firefox Add-on. You can download it from
Firefox portable OS is on its primary stage. It has been developed up to now to get a call, sending messages and to manage a calendar. But sooner this will be powered with many other features we see in other mobile OS.
This is based on HTML5 web protocol. This means unlike other mobile OS this is not working on a platform.  Therefore any program that can be run online in any mobile phone can be run on Firefox mobile OS.

Apps can be added to Firefox OS.these Apps are available in Mozilla Marketplace. All those Apps are based on HTML5.So these Apps can be run without any interrupt from other web services.
We know that there’s a keen competition on mobile OS. If Firefox want to overcome this target it must consist of cool interface but having no crash with hardware the technology in Firefox mobile OS must be user friendly.

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