Upcoming Processors :Today vs Tomorrow

New arrivals, The Fastest processor on the earth

The heart of any computer is its processor which is people wanted to get replaced with a latest processor. It’s the place where all the processing is done inside the CPU. Commands and calculations are done there so it’s not unfair to call it as the heart of a computer is the processor. The main two companies that produce processors for whole the world are “Intel” and “AMD”.

Due to the competition of those two companies a lot technology come to the world as they both are in a progress to achieve their targets. So lately Intel launched its latest processor “Sandy Bridge” accompanies with new technologies.

Sandy Bridge processor review

Microprocessor wise this has 32 nm Westmere processor core and 45 nm integrated graphic and integrated memory controller.

The unique feature we find in this latest processor is it is a collaboration of a CPU and a GPU (Graphical Processing Unit).GPU is a resolution for the time delay between the VGA and CPU. When a video signal is produced it goes to VGA through the main chip, the processor. So the more the distance between them the more tome it takes to output. This directly causes higher energy consumption of the device used. So this is avoided here by forming the both GPU and CPU in the same processor. And this leads to consumes less energy and save the battery life time of laptops. So this is cool news for laptop users.

The amazing thing we see in this latest processor is its architecture. The architecture in Sandy Bridge is having a higher level of date transference .it’s about four times speeder than the normal transference. Due to this capability even without the graphic card we can have high performance in the computer. Therefore in the cache memory there is 384 GB/sec date transference.
This directly attack Nvidia and ATI VGA market along with this Sandy Bridge processor as it has an inbuilt VGA card with it.

Intel’s rival AMD has also begun to create a processor like Sandy Bridge, not lagging Intel.
So in new computers coming to the market there’s a latest processor socket called “LGA 1155” that is used for Intel Sandy Bridge, the latest processor. LGA 1156 is used today computers to fix Intel i7 (800 series, Intel Core i5 (700,600 series, Intel core i3 (500 series), Intel Xenon (X 3400, L3400 series), Intel Pentium (G6000 series) and Intel Celeron (G1000 series)

Ivy Bridge,the latest processor from Intel

Ivy Bridge is the latest upgraded version of Sandy Bridge. It’s 5% faster than Sandy Bridge at the same clock speed. Intel I cores are having this technology and that’s why they are much faster. The clock speed of Ivy bridge processors are expanded up to 4.5Ghz, but that is Sandy Bridge is 5GHz. 
Electrical wise Ivy Bridge processors consumes 15-20 Watts lesser than Sandy Bridge. That has Intel HD 2500/4000 series.

All the latest processors Intel has launched from 2011 has based on Sandy Bridge. But the come to the world in the product name not in the code name Sandy Bridge. Intel Celeron B810 is based on this technology. These products have either 1 or 2 or 4 cores and the speed varies between 1.3 GHz   and 3.6 GHz. the cache memory varies between 8 MB and 1.1MB. The system Bus is 5GT/s in most of them and the instruction type is 64 bit. The maximum memory is 32 GB in DDR3 type.

Based on the Intel HD graphics they have graphic base frequency varies within the range of 850MHz to 350MHz.

Intel Core i7-3920XM is the fastest processor ever launched by Intel. It has 4/8 number of cores /threads. Its speed is available up to 3.8 GHz and direct X media interface of 5GT/s. its cache memory is 8MB.it has Microsoft DirectX version of 11 and 1920 X 1080 resolution, 32 bit color of graphic resolution while its video driver is and video card is Intel HD4000 series. Its bios platform is AMI v.N56VM.T95.

AMD Latest processor  ,The "Trinity"

With release of Intel’s new processors MAD also has revealed its newest technology .it’s Trinity. The first version of Trinity consists of A10-4600M along with 4 CPU cores. Its clock speed id 2.3 GHz. It has cache memory of 4MB of L2.its graphic performances are quite good than older processors of AMD. (But my opinion is not better as Intel) AMD has included Radeon HD 7000 into their GPU giving much acceleration. This allows running programs on AMD much better and quicker.

The latest processor war between AMD and Intel has led AMD to express that their new processor, Trinity is quicker and has much graphic performances than Ivy Bridge. They say this Trinity can be used to make laptops much thinner than today and has much graphic performances three times that of Ivy Bridge.it has FX chips with better clock speed and with a less power consumption. Its maximum speed is 3.2GHz and consumes 35W of maximum power. (It’s 10 W less than Ivy Bridge)

To buy a new processor is depend on how what you are going to do with that.If you use a computer for just for some little work  you needn't a high performing  latest processor.But if you  are a graphic designer or you are specially want to buy a PC for gaming then of course you need have one of the latest processors.

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