Android MX Player ,Must have media player for Android users

Best media player for Android: MX Player

The best Android media player, MX Player seems to be a user friendly and giving much enhancement and the entertainment to the Android users as according to the statistics we have obtained about 50,000,000 users have installed MX Player in their Android stuffs within past 30 days. So as I think this is a big leap in Android market it has gained as it's shocking to have about 50,000,000 downloads from Android Apps. MX player has its latest version of 1.7.7 updated on 19th of October this year. This player requires Android 2.1 or later version platform to run on.MX Player is just small file but not the feedback it delivers. It's 6.6 MB in size and free software available and this is the best chance for you to download MX Player on your Android OS and have a great fun with it.

MX Player plays everything

MX Player would give better performances with its decoding of hardware. More videos can be played with hardware decoder that accelerates the videos for the best of its capacity. So no more latching or less buffering while playing the videos.

To scroll the subtitle text and there you get the subtitle related to that very scene accurately on the time base shot. You can have the subtitle text of a relevant scene there.
This being the first Android app works on the core amount of CPU and the more cores the better performances we meet. Simply it says MX Player works faster in a single core machine than a dual core machine. This is known as multi core decoding. On the other hand this gives you keeping your kids preventing from using other Apps. So the child can be kept safer with its apps. Without much distortion of pixels the media can be zoom in and out much better through swiping across the screen and pinching.

MX Player works almost with  any android version

MX Player is coming with the latest Samsung Galaxy model, HTC legend and recently launched Android based mobiles. There's another facility; MX Player codec that detects whether the player need its codecs. When MX Player is installed it automatically test the device uses and says need codecs if necessary. Unless we don't need to install codecs.
Not only playing media but also this MX Player fixes some errors found in files and it recognizes the subtitle files and adds them. It makes changes the some codec names if necessary and like in KM player it adds images to the player and more advance settings regarding audio control.
For the proper performances in MX Player it's necessary to remove all the codecs and versions of it if has been installed.

MX Player: An alternative to iTunes

MX Player is an alternative to iTunes. Like iTunes this player is also makes changes to its video albums and loops them after once configured. As I think to have better performances in Android market this a kind of App must have been really indeed. Due to the developments in App market whether in Apple Apps or in Android Apps their consumers get better software their desires meet. So MX Player is a big jump for Android Os. 

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