Angry birds STAR WARS

Angry birds STAR WARS ,The Biggest Adventure

Angry birds star war has come to Rovio's latest arena a leap from Angry birds space. Actually this series of Angry birds game have a combination o each of the other. So here comes Angry birds star war, the game based on the charismatic film "Star War". The latest version of the game has many enhancements than the previous ones. So here the birds we meet have their own identity but with more powers and tricks.

Angry birds Star Wars For Android

Angry bird star wars was recently updated on 8th of November 2012.The latest version of this game is 1.0.1 that requires Android version of 2.2 or above.By 9th November 2012 there was about 50,000,000 downloads through Google Android App store.Actually Angry birds star war version of Angry birds series is really good one with nice graphic mode. Instead of its conventional appearance (a childish appearance it mustn't have) it's going to a 3D appearance we like to have .

The birds in the planet try to get rid of the evil spirit pigs and they fight for that. In the same time spy birds find some secrets with pigs and the player has to help them to defeat the pigs.The game has 80 levels on planets Tatooine and Death Star both of which ha 40 levels. If you can buy the game for just $1.49 you can have extra 40 levels on another planet called Dagobah. You can download  this already on Google play (a 44 MB file) for Android and separate versions for Apple iPhone and iPad are also available. Since this game doesn't like the games released before you can try Angry birds star war and buy it.

unlike in earlier game versions we don't meet birds having the same ability through out the game. The more you add points by hitting the particular bird the more abilities will be added to that bird. And the physical appearance of the birds had changed either according to the fashions we could find in the film "Star Wars".

New features /Birds in Angry birds star wars : Luke & Leia

The red bird can release its power if you click on the position you want before impact and there you will get a larger emission pf power and easily get victory is called as "Luke Skywalker".The balck bird that can drop bombs is "Obi Wan Kenobi" does the same task but with enhancements and more powerfully. The yellow bird that flies scattering in 3 pieces and hits the objects is Han Solo that most of the people like to called as it as a fearless bird.

These are the usual birds we find in earlier games also but here we meet them with extra powers.The planets have their own security systems and we must help the birds to destroying them. New weapons are installed on those planets such as laser beam gins and we have to avoid them and hit on the point of the place we want.

if you have earned enough stars you can call for Falcon to destruct any level that you are unable to schieve.The Falcon will hit and the level will be clear for you and in the same time you can have points for that.

Angry Birds Star Wars Game play

You can get bonus points on Angry birds star war by hitting on C-3PO having a shape of an egg and R2-D2 that are available on the stars. The player has to think deeply and play in this level.
This is a game that still can remain with its own identity. In Angry birds star war we can see that Rovio has tried to give it a more advanced appearance and having cool strategy tools for the player rather than dragging and dropping the birds in Angry birds star war.

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