How to hide applications on Android without Root

Application locks are helpful to avoid people from using applications and other privacy information of users. Yet, you may have a feeling of hiding applications. You might come with a situation when you have applications that you require your friends or parents to check on your device.

There are smart devices which have been released recently with a built-in application hiding features yet the user has the ability to use a third party application for the same task if your device does not consist of built in features. In this article, we have mentioned how you can hide applications on any Android device without requiring root of your device. Therefore, you can try out below applications to sort out this issue.


This is a very useful launcher which lets you download from the Play Store. Nova Launcher generally substitutes your home screen with your customized screen. This lets the user hide particular applications on your device. It consists of both a prime version which is required to pay and a free version.


When it comes to the free version, it has features of avoiding users from knowing that you are using the particular application. This will not really hide the applications from the app drawer, instead this will rename it in the app drawer. Therefore, nobody can recognize it. In order to use this application,

1.Start with Installing Nova Launcher from Play Store.

2.Restart your device and choose Nova Launcher as your Home app.

3. Next, navigate to the app drawer and do a long press on the application on the app that you prefer to hide.

4.Click on the ‘Edit’ button from the list.

5.Insert a new application label that you require to use as the name for this application. Type a general name which will not get much attention.

6. Click on the app icon to alter it.

7.Next, click on ‘Built-in’ to select an application icon from those already existing on your device or click on ‘Gallery apps’ to choose an image.

8.Tap on ‘Done’ button.

9.Identity of your application has been changed and nobody will be able to find it. Remember that, even if someone search for the application by its previous name, application will not appear in search results.


You can purchase the pro version of Nova Launcher if you prefer to hide applications on Android without root.

1.Install Nova Launcher Prime version from Play Store.

2.Restart your device and grant any needed permissions.

3.Navigate to the application drawer and then launch Nova settings.

4.Click on ‘App and widget drawers’.

5. You can find an option for “Hide apps” under the drawer groups section at the bottom of the screen.

6. Click on the “Hide apps” option and then choose one or many applications you like to hide.

7. Finally, Your hidden applications will not be able to appear in the application drawer.

If you want to hide applications on Android without root, then this may be the easiest way. Yet, in some cases this will not work for users or they may not like the interface. Then you can switch to the Apex launcher to hide applications.


1.Install Apex Launcher from Play Store.

2.Then open the application and configure all customizations required.

3.Choose Apex Launcher as your Home application.

4.Next, click on ‘Apex settings’ on the home screen.

5.Click on ‘Hidden Applications’.

6.Click ‘Add hidden apps’ button and then select one or many applications you want to hide.

7.Click on ‘Hide App’.

8.Then your application will be hidden from the application drawer.

9. If a user searches for the particular application, it will not appear in the search results.

As a conclusion, using Apex launcher users can efficiently hide applications on your Android device, yet if you don’t need to access any kind of launcher then you can use another application “Calculator Vault” to hide applications.

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