Android Applications You must try that will change the way you use your device

One of the best application which you can change the way of using your mobile device and the way you can interact with your device daily.

There are thousands of applications in the Play Store we can find in different ranges from obsessive games to helpful productivity tools to utmost level to perform modifications on your device.

These applications will improve the user interface, other different kinds of automate tasks, and few applications will provide latest features in the OS and modify them to top level.

Let’s dive in to find out the popular applications for your Android device you must try.

1. Lynket Browser

Nowadays, social media has become a great platform to approach engaging content worldwide. Yet, users have not used to read them straight away after they saw these articles. Therefore, it is always a good idea to save them in a queue for later when you come back again.

With Lynket Browser, this launches web pages in the background and then you can use these applications at any time simply by clicking floating on the bubbles of the screen.

It's simple, yet so useful. The app works with your existing default browser, and can also speed up browsing by automatically loading the AMP versions of the links you click.

Simply, Lynket is a helpful application which can perform with the default browser of the users, and also this will boost browsing by automatically loading APM versions of the links which users have been accessed.

2. Popup Widget

It is always better to decide which android widgets you should use as if you add all of the widgets available on your device, it may affect to slow down your device.

Popup Widget 3 performs by thinking the procedure of how task works and converts all the selected widgets into 1*1 icons on the home screen of your device. When you click one, then it will open and the user will be able to see the inside.

Additionally, this application provides users to experience efficiency and simplicity of the widgets. Users will not require to launch the full application inorder to see the latest tweets or find the weather forecast without the performance hit.

3. Notification Notes

This application provides an obvious service which users require frequently, yet it is not included in Android. Simply, this application lets users make notes and pin them to the notifications panel just as a reminder.

This application simply provides a limited function which users need to have. Users can allocate notes as a group notes or just save them separately, or users can activate or deactivate them as needed. These will also appear on the lock screen of your device.

4. MacroDroid

MacroDroid is a well-known app similar to the Android automation application Tasker. You can achieve an amazing steep learning curve using Tasker correctly. This is one of the best applications which you must install and use regularly.

This application requires users to configure a few steps. Simply, with two settings which an action that will be prompted by a trigger. Hence, plugging in your headphones can be a trigger, and the related actions will be automatically released on the Spotify application and changes of the volume level. Else users can switch your device to Airplane mode at night. Also you can ask it to read your text messages aloud when your device is in a car dock.

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