How To Root Android - What Can You Do With A Rooted Phone

how to root Android

How to root Android is one of the most common issues arises among Android users occasionally due to various reasons. Most probably you may be keen on Andoird rooting as you are reading this at this moment or perhaps you may be reading this by chance. However, this will be a good chance for you to get good knowledge about Android rooting and the fair answer to the question of what can you do with a rooted phone.

How To Root Android

When exploring it seems that how to root Android is the most burning question arises in most of Android users minds as there are some rooting solutions and preparations related to the rooting process. Technically, the answer to the question depends on several reasons and Android version/Device model become the top of them. Most probably the question becomes more complicated since each Android smartphone models hold different techincal specifications and run on different Android versions. So, it's hard to answer the question of how to root Android directly at once.

root Android

What Can You Do With A Rooted Phone

Simply, a rooted device is precious and more effective than a stock Android device. That is why all the Android users are highly keen on rooting process. After getting root access, an Android user becomes a privileged user and able to do whatever he wants that was unable previously. When it comes to the purposes of rooting, several top reasons induce a user to perform the process on his device. 

Removing the system apps and replacing the stock firmware are two of them. Because these two technical tasks offer more flexible and free atmosphere on the device. On the other hand, a rooted device can accept more user apps than a usual device and enhance the current performance. Apps (root apps) that are specific to rooted devices play a special role in rooted Android as it can drastically and easily change some of the stock Android features. So, now you may understand what are the possibilities of that are available on a rooted device.


Android rooting is the best way to unleash the exact capability of your Android device although it has a negative effect if goes wrong. Most probably negative result is the final result of the lack of rooting knowledge. So, better to be well-informed and prepared before implementing the process.

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