How To Root Android And Download Android Apps For Free

root Android

Android rooting is the rite passage that connects you to the deepest level of your Android operating system. Perhaps, you may not know the actual benefits of staying connected to the deepest level of Android or you may already know the actual benefit of it. Rooting can be explained as the process which should be followed to get administrative privileges. A system administrator is someone who is powerful to acess all the files and commands in a system and he is limitless. Likewise, rooting gives you the unlimited power to handle your device with your own will.

How To Root Android Explained

How To Root Android is a topic which covers several aspects as once and it's hard to provide a single answer at once for the matter. But, as a starting, you need to determine the status of bootloader of your device, Android version and device model before stepping forward to rooting your device. After figuring out all the details exactly, you can decide the correct rooting solution for your device and get root access. Universally, one-click root method and custom recovery method are used by Android geeks to root Android devices and I cannot guarantee the success any of them here as it depends on various reasons. There is a possible chance to fail the same rooting method for your device and success on another device model.

android rooting

How To Download Android Apps For Free

Offically, you cannot download any premium app for free due to the license verification process implemented by Google for app developers to ensure if the user pays for the app when downloading the app via the Google play store. Technically, bypassing the Google license verification process is the one and only method to get a premium app for free. That is why we need an app such as Lucky patcher APK. It allows users to bypass the verification process and pretends to payment was done. Let's check how to do it

  • Root your Android smartphone properly
  • Download Lucky Patcher APP 
  • Open Lucky Patcher APK
  • Select the app that you want to remove license verification from the available menu
  • Select the “Open menu of patches” to continue
  • Press “Remove License Verification" button and you will get a menu including all the available patches
  • Select or deselect the patch that you want
  • Press the Apply button to apply the patch on the app
  • Wait untill you get the Success result


App developers have applied the licence verifications from their ends to verify the payments and you can bypass them patching the desired app using the hacking apps and tools. Currently. LP is widely being w used for hacking purposes and you can give it a try if you have rooted Android device.

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