How To Root Android & Extend Android Battery Power

root Android

All the Android users are always complaining about the battery life of their Android smartphones as most of the Android phones have short battery life when compared to other smartphone models. The situation becomes worse when trying to use more apps at once as apps are running background consuming extra battery power without acknowledging. On the other hand, technically, device manufacturers have configured the device to consume a standard rate of battery power even if it is not being used. These configurations save the durability of device hardware and proper functionality for longer. Whatsoever, users need to keep their battery power longer than usual, because frequent charging is bothersome. Here we are going to discuss  how android rooting can help to extend the Android battery power

How To Root Android

Android rooting is the initial software configuration that leads to so many other non-official configurations. Basically, the process grants permissions for regular users to modify the stock Android firmware using ADB & fastboot commands and other dedicated apps for Android modifications. Actually, it's a useless attempt trying to give an explanation or description about how to root Android here. Because the rooting subject depends on various technical reasons. Take your own time and do research if you are interested in the matter.

how to root android

How To Use Root Access To Extend Android Battery Power

  • Root Apps - The simplest way you can use to boost the battery power of your Android is by using a battery boosting app. Some of these apps work on non-rooted devices but with limited capabilities. So, it is better to have one of them after getting root access to have full functionality. Currently, Greenify which is available in the Google Play store works as one of the best battery boosters and it is developed by Oasis Feng from XDA developers. 

  • Custom Kernels And Custom Kernel Manager - Technically, Android kernel works as a middleman to connect Android apps to specific hardware parts. The kernel has been designed including standard software configuration for the proper performance of device and battery. You can change Android performance and battery life according to your preferences using a custom Kernel manager after flashing a custom kernel on your device. Technically, you do not need root access to flash a custom kernel. But, you need to root your device to alter the software configurations using custom kernel manager.

Final Word

I hope now will understand how the battery power of Android device drains faster and what should you do to prevent it. However, I would like finally mention here that rooting is dangerous and you need to be careful.

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