How To Root Android Manually

how to root android

Currently, most of the Android users are trying to root their Android smartphones using one-click- Rooting tools as they are easy to use and time-saving. But, most of the one-click-rooting attempts said to be unsuccessful due to various technical reasons. Especially, updated Android smartphones are not compatible with one-click rooting tools and on the other hand, the latest Android smartphone comes with fewer security defects and hard to root using one-click-rooting mechanism. That is why users are keen manual rooting though it is a bit complicated task.

What Is Manual Rooting

In simple words, manual rooting means rooting your device using a PC. In this method, all the necessary file flashing and installing are done by using ADB and fastboot commands. Here, you can have the best rooting guide for your Android device.


1. A Windows computer
2. Compatible USB cable
3. Latest USB drivers
5. A complete backup of your Android

How To Root Your Android Manually

1. Download the compatible TWRP custom recovery image for your Android smartphone on your PC
2. Install USB, ADB and Fastboot drivers on the PC
3. Open the folder which you saved the custom recovery image
4. Use Shift + Right-click and Select the "Open command window here" from the Menu
5. Enable "USB Debugging Mode" on your Android and connect it to the PC
6. Type adb reboot bootloader in command Window to boot your device in to fastboot mode
7. Check the device's screen and tap on "OK" for "Allow USB debugging” message
8. Then, your device boot in to bootloader mode and type fastboot flash recovery with the name of your TWRP custom recovery file
9. When the file is flashed, type fastboot reboot command to reboot your device to normal condition

Now, your device ready to accept third-party firmware. So, now you can flash Magisk or SuperSU framework and root your Android device. When you try to root your device manually, some of your official Andriod partitions are patched and you need to perform full firmware restoration after doing factory-reset in order to get back to normal when needed. Technically, it's a bit hard to handle a manually rooted device as it's operated as a sperate framework. But most of the times it gives you successful root access.

Final Word

When compared to the one-click rooting method, Manual rooting method is harder and more complicated. So, make sure to get a clear understanding before rooting your device. If not, your device may brick and ends with sudden disaster.

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