How To Root Android Without PC

Android smartphones users are really keen on Android rooting and always looking forward to short & sweet methods to root their devices. Actually, short & sweet methods are not approved by tech expert for Android rooting although users are really interested in it. The technically recommended way to root your Android device is flashing the relevant root binary on your device using ADB and fastboot commands via a computer when your device is in stock or custom recovery mode. But, most of the Android root lovers do not prefer PC methods since it is a bit harder and more advanced.

How To Root Android  Without PC

So, if you are someone who is trying to root android without PC, root android apk is the best option. Root Android APK works as same as the regular Android apps and you can use them very easily. But, the problem is the compatibility of the app with your Android device. Most of the apps have their own compatibility list and its hard to find out common  Root Android APK for every Android device. Therefore, be careful and study about the tool before using it on your device. The Oneclickroot (Paid) tool becomes more important when discussing Root Android APK, as it offers a free scan before running on your Android device. It avoids possible complications at the initial step allowing users to get to know about the compatibility.

How Does Root Android APK Work

Root Android APK  has been designed as same as regular Android APKs but differs from them as those apps need a strong internet to connect to its server to get compatible root exploit for your device. After getting the root exploit, the app runs it on your device and install the Su binary file itself or demand you to install SuperSU app to update the Su binary file. After that, you can customize and modify your stock Android device using relavant apps and tools

Negativeness Of Root Android APK 

Root Android APK is based on security holes in specific Android framework and most probably only works on specific Android smartphone models or specific Android versions. Also, it needs a strong internet connection to work and you need to try several times to get the relavant root script. Because the app only pulls the one exploit at once. The worse side of Root Android APK is the lack of support in higher Android versions.


According to the user reviews, Root Android APK works better on lower Android versions and low in success on higher Android versions. But, fortunately, most of the root APKs do not cause to brick your device as it stops when the exploit is not available. but it is impossible to guarantee it.

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