How To Root Android - Root Your Android With One Click Root

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Do you need to acess the full potential of your device? If so, you might be very keen on Android Rooting. Because Android rooting is the initial step to acess the full potential of your device. As device manufacturers are always focusing on commercial purposes, they do not want to allow us to get the full potential of our devices. That is why we have to use our devices in a limited range.

What Actually We Want From Our Android Devices

Are you satisfied with the capabilities that you are experiencing from your Android device now? Most probably, your answer may be "No". Because our Android smartphone does not offer what we want. It only offers what manufacturer or network carrier wants. As all the Android users are not aware of the software and hardware side of Android smartphones, it has been an easy task to accomplish manufactures and carrier goals. The one and the only way we have to challenge them is "Android Rooting". The rooting mechanism allows users to acess the system files and make the changes on them to get the output what they want from their devices. Here are the top uses that Android users hope to achieve through their devices after rooting.

  • Install apps such as viper4Android, Network Spoofer and Lucky patcher etc. that are not available in Google Play store
  • Receive latest OS updates 
  • Install Custom ROMs to change the appearance of your device add some new features to the Android device
  • Remove irritating system apps and bloatware 
  • Change the communication speed between hardware and software by flashing custom kerenls to enhance the performance of the device
  • Enable Wi-Fi hotspot on Android devices of  which the facility has been disabled by the network carriers

Android Rooting

Android rooting seems to be very simple and interesting when reading and watching. But Android rooting has a dark side too. As rooting is the mechanism that deals with the core part of the system, there is a risk you should bear yourself. Rooting is not allowed by most Android device manufacturers as it may mess up the device functionality and may end with a bricked Android smartphone. Also, you cannot claim your device warranty after rooting your device. There is an idiom that says no gain no pain. So, you need to take the risk if you really need to experince the bunch of rooting advantages.

Android Rooting Tools

There are a number of rooting tools in which some of them comes as official while some of them are non-official. The best example for official rooting software is Samsung Odin for Samsung Galaxy smartphones. If you are one of Samsung Galaxy users check over here. There are two universal rooting methods and most popular method is the one-click rooting tool. Most of Android users tend to use one-click rooting tools since they are very easy to use.

Pros Of One-Click Rooting Tools

Most of the one-click tools are not compatible with the higher versions of Android. The latest Andriod versions are highly secured as latest Android versions have been created using advanced security methods and features. So, it is hard to find out a stable one-click rooting tool on the latest Android smartphones. Officially, Android rooting is prohibited since it changes the system files on Android devices. It means you have to perform the rooting task while enduring the risk of bricking.

One Click Root App For Android Root

One Click Root App is one of the highly demanded one-click rooting tools. As you know, almost all of Android rooting tools are available for free. But you cannot have One Click Root App for free. Although it is a paid app, you can have a higher success rate than free apps. The developer team of the app has provided an online facility to check if your device is compatible with the app before purchasing it. So, you do not need to worry about the money that you are going to invest in the app.


One Click Root App root app is compatible with smartphone brands such as Motorola, LG, Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson running on Android 2.2.X, 2.3.X, and 4.0.X and the most compatible smartphone brand is Samsung. If you are using higher Android version than Android 4.0, you can use One Click Root remote service to root your device through the root expert advice.

How To Root Your Android Smartphone Using One Click Root PC Version

  • Step 1 -  Download and install One Click Root on your Windows PC or Mac
  • Step 2 - Enable USB debugging mode on your device
  • Step 3 - Launch One Click Root  application on your computer
  • Step 4 - Connect your Android smartphone   to your computer using a compatible USB cable
  • Step 5 -  Click on the “Root” button and run the application to gain root acess on your Android

Wrapping Up

Although Android rooting is the gate to Android customization, you need to perform it very carefully. Always get a complete back up of your device and unlock the device bootloader before rooting your device.

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