How To Root Android - Download SunShine And Root, Flash HTC Smartphones Easily

All the HTC smartphone users would be happy to listen that there is a successful method to customize their HTC smartphone. HTC is one of the leading Android smartphone brands. HTC smartphones come with unique hardware and smartphone features that inspire smartphone users to buy an HTC smartphone. However much the device is advanced, users never become satisfied with their smartphones until they get the full authority of their devices. But manufacturers do not need to allow users to have full control over their devices. That is why there is a higher demand for rooting and flashing tools.

What Is SunShine 

Sunshine is the application which allows users to unlock OEM lock on Motorola and HTC smartphones. Mostly Sunshine is used on HTC smartphones and it is compatible with a number of latest HTC smartphones. Basically Sunshine allows users to convert their devices in to Developer Mode and modify the software on their devices.

What Is S-OFF In HTC Devices

S-OFF/S-ON are the terms which show the security level of HTC devices. The"S" stands for Security. When an HTC device displays "S-ON"  in HBOOT mode, It means you cannot acess the system files and have permanent root acess. If the device displays "S-OFF" in HBOOT mode, it means you can acess the system partition and modify the system. Actually, S-OFF allows users to modify the device operating system

What Is The Connection Between S-OFF In HTC Devices And SunShine 

SunShine allows users to make S-OFF on HTC devices easily without using a computer. The basic purpose of Sunshine is to convert your HTC devices into developer mode and allow you to mod it. It makes HTC devices S-OFF and allows you to root your devices and install the latest firmware, custom firmware and custom recoveries. Not only that but also it provides you with full control over your device.

Is SunShine Free

As you know, most of bootloader unlocking apps come as freeware but Sunshine cannot use for free. You need to purchase a licence to use the app from the official Sunshine website. Also, you cannot use the same license for multiple devices. In addition to these facts, you need to know if your country has embargo which prevents you from trading with the US since SunShine is a product from the US.

What Is The Difference Between  "S-OFF"  and "Bootloader Unlocking"

"S-OFF" refers to much more than Unlocking the Bootloader of HTC device. You can only do general tasks such as flashing custom recoveries/ROMs and kernels. But SunShine make you a superuser along with the abilities such as flashing radios, flashing custom Hboots and changing CID/MID properties.

How To Root Your HTC Device Using Sunshine

Sunshine has been designed to unlock the bootloader in your device and convert your HTC device in to developer mode. It does not root your device but gives you the chance to root your device. You need to flash TWRP recovery on your device using fastboot and flash root binaries in TWRP recovery to gain root acess or need to a flash rooted ROM. From here you can learn more about Android rooting.

How To Use SunShine App On Your HTC smartphone

As mentioned above Sunshine must be purchased to use. You can make  In-app purchases, Out- of-app purchases and  Reseller purchases to buy the app. In here you are guided to make In-app purchase and use the app. Currently, the app costs 25$

1 Step - Download & Install Sunshine app on your device
2 Step - Launch application and tap on "Continue" on Disclaimer message
3 Step - Next, the app will ask you permission to run the"Compatibility Test" tap on "Okay" to run it
4 Step - If you have rooted your device already now grant superuser acess for the app and wait until it is authorized
5 Step - Next, the app will show you a message and ask you to purchase the licence key for Sunshine. Tap on the "Purchase" button to make payments
6 Step - Then you will get payment option s and select what you prefer and pay for the Sunshine licence and purchase it
7 Step - When you have made the payment successfully, Sunshine will notify you that you have purchased the licence
8 Step - Next, the app will show you the Disclaimer message and Compatibility test message and  tap on "Continue" to proceed
9 Step - Wait for a while until the Sunshine run the device compatibility test and your device will reboot automatically when it is done
10 Step - Launch Sunshine app again after your device rebooted and your device screen will become black
11 Step - Now, enable the bootloader screen on your device check if bootloader status is "S-OFF" 

Final Word 

SunShine allow HTC users to boot their devices in to developer mode easily without using a computer. Sunshine does not wipe your device data when working on your device. But it is better to back up your data before using the app. Also if you are using the latest HTC smartphone that has an unlocked bootloader you may lose your data when using Sunshine.

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