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Most of Android smartphone users have been addicted to Android games and they play games in crazy. Subway surfer, Pokemon Go, Runscape are some of the popular Android games. Users become disappointed when they have to buy premium features to play the game to reach the final level and give up it though they love it. Now, users can start to play the games again that they have abandoned due to the lack of premium features thanks to Lucky Patcher.

What Is Lucky Patcher

If you are not an Advanced Android user you might be a bit confused about what is being discussed here. Don't worry, just hang on you can understand what is going on here. Lucky Patcher was designed by ChelpuS who is a well-recognized app developer. He developed and launched Lucky patcher for free to hack many Android games and apps. As same as the most hacking apps, Lucky patcher functions best on rooted Android devices but compatible with Non-Rooted devices too.

Lucky Patcher Features

1. Most popular modifier app for unlimited access in games and play store
2. Unlocks the  all the game resources/characters & levels for free
3. Make in-app purchases for free
4. Allows users to get paid apps for free from the Google App store directly
5. Increases game features such as coins, gems, diamonds and points for free
6. Unlimited access in games and offers paid apps for free
7. Block ads on games/apps and offer a better user experience
8. Removes unwanted system apps
9. Allow users to modify the apps and backup them before and after modifications
10. Remove license verification from paid apps and games
11. Moves apps to SD card

luck patcher apk

How Does Lucky Patcher Work

ChelpuS has designed Lucky patcher to bypass the Google Play store security & billing section and prevent charging from the user when downloading the paid apps. Not only bypassing the  Google Play store security & billing section but also it bypasses the ad showing feature to gives Android users a better experience when using apps and games
System Requirments

1. 7.19 MB device space for app
2. Android 2.3+ Android version
3. Disable “Play Protect” on Play Store
4. 2 GB RAM  for proper functionality
5. 8 GB Internal storage

How To Install Lucky Patcher App On Your Android Smartphone

1 Step - Download and Install Lucky Patcher installer first
2 Step - Next, open the Lucky Patcher installer to prepare necessary files and components to install Lucky patcher application
3 Step - When you try to install the Luck Patcher installer, your device will show you a message asking your permission to "Enable Unknown Sources"
4 Step - Tap on the "Settings" option on the message and enable the unknown sources
5 Step - Next, click on the "Install" button to install the Lucky patcher on your device
6 Step - After installing the app, tap on it to open the app
7 Step - When you open the app it will ask you permission to uninstall the Lucky patcher installer. Tap on "OK" to uninstall the Lucky patcher installer

Note: Always visit the official Lucky Patcher website to download the app since lots of fake links are available

Colour Codes In Lucky Patcher

When you open the Lucky patcher application it shows you all the apps you have installed on your Android device along with some details. Lucky patcher tells you if an app has Google ads, License verification or in-app purchases. The app title is displayed using a specific colour and users can easily understand what are the possibilities and impossibilities. If the app title is in,

Yellow - App has a specific patch available
Blue - Indicates that the app included Google Ads
Orange - Says that app is a system app
Red - Indicates that the app cannot be modified
Purple - Says it is a system startup app
Green - App can be registered and disconnected from Google Play

lucky patcher apk

How To Use Lucky Patcher App 

1. Remove License Verification - Open Lucky Patcher >Tap the name of the application >Select “Remove License Verification>Select “Auto mode” now try the application with an internet connection. If the result is negative Select “Auto mode (Inverse)” or “Extreme Auto mode” and the app will be registered.

2. Custom Patch - Open Lucky Patcher >Tap the name of the application > select “Custom Patch”.Now, run the application when the device is connected to the internet

3. Remove Google Ads - Open Lucky Patcher >Tap the name of the application > select “Remove Google Ads” > Select “Patch to remove Google Ads”. Now, run the application and check if ads are gone

4. Create Modified APK - Open Lucky Patcher >Tap the name of the application > Select “Create Modified APK” > Select the Patch to modify the App. You can find the modified app in  /sdcard/LuckyPatcher/Modified folder


Android users who have Luck patcher are really Lucky. Because they are fully free to have paid apps for free and play their favourite Android games with unlimited premium features. I hope you will enjoy the Luck patcher app and amaze your friends playing your games reaching to the top level for free.

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