Are You Keen On Android Root -Why Don't You Try Magisk

When googling around, it seems that most Android users are very keen on rooting and their knowledge about rooting belong to various stages. Some of them really fresher and some of them have a middle range of knowledge while a few of them have a complete knowledge but have some complications to be solved. Among the number of Android root software, Magisk has attained significant popularity than other rooting solutions. 

Why Should You Use Magisk As Your Rooting Solution

Magisk rooting solution was initially designed by topjohnwu who is a Recognized Developer/Contributor to XDA developers. As you know, there are a number of rooting tools which promise you to give root access. In simple words, root access is the permission to remove the software restrictions on the device operating system and make the alterations according to users preferences. Rooting is not a dangerous task but sometimes it makes a less secure environment for device and device becomes insecure for some apps. As a result of this, The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council demanded a mechanism to control the root access. Meanwhile, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council recommended to financial institutions to make their customers aware of adverse effects using rooted or jailbroken devices for mobile financial services. As a result of thses circumstances, Google  SafetyNet comes with Google Play services. Google SafetyNet Attestation API  helps app developers to verify if the device is rooted or not. If a device is rooted the app does not run on it. Because the device cannot pass the Attestation API check and identified as a rooted device. Most of the banking and financial apps are attested by Google  SafetyNet and cannot be used on rooted devices. That is why Magisk is essential as a rooting solution.

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What Is The Speciality Of Magisk

Magisk is well-known as "A Magick Mask To Alter System Systemless-ly". Let's find out why Magisk is called in that name. Standard internal memory partition on Android phones is divided into several partitions.  /boot and /system partitions are more important among them and /boot partition contains the kernel and the ramdisk. You cannot reboot your device without this partition. When it comes to /system partition, it is the partition that contains the entire operating system. The system partition contains the Android users interface and other system apps. Most of the rooting tools modify the system partitions to get root access. Such devices cannot pass the Google SafetyNet check and fail to run some of financial and banking apps. In contrast to other rooting tools, Magisk modifies the boot partition of the device when getting the root access. So, Google SafetyNet fails to identify the modification on the boot partition. Because it only contains Kernel and RAMdisk. So, Magisk is the best option if you want to use banking and financial apps on your rooted device. But be informed that rooted devices are insecure due to less security defence and escalated privileges which may cause malware attacks, sensitive data stealing and spy on mobile banking apps or payment apps.

How To Root Your Android Smartphone Using Magisk (Via Custom Recovery)

1 Step - Magisk is only compatible with Android devices higher than Android 4.2+. Check your Android version before start the process
2 Step - Install a custom recovery on your device. The recommended recovery is TWRP
3 Step - Download the Magisk installer zip file
4 Step - Reboot the device into custom recovery
5 Step - In recovery mode, choose the "Install" button
6 Step - Find the downloaded Magisk installer zip file
7 Step - Select the zip file
8 Step - Swipe the slider to install Magisk zip file and select "Reboot" system

After installing the Magisk framework on your device, you need to download the "Magisk Manager" which is essential to manage the Magisk Framework. It allows you to install Magisk modules and customizes your device. There are a number of features on Magisk manager such as Magisk Hide. Before installing Magisk manager make sure to enable "Unknown sources" from device "Settings" since it is a third-party application.


How To Verify Magisk Root

As soon as Magisk Manager is installed, you will be able to check if you have obtained root access successfully. Just open the Magisk Manager application and check if it has green ticks for all the available options. If so, you have gained root access successfully.

Magisk In Recovery 

Some devices that have no ramdisk in boot images needs to be booted in recovery mode every time you want to use the Magisk. Because Magisk has been installed in the recovery partition due to non-presence of ramdisk in boot images. In this case, Actual recovery and Magisk recovery is determined by length of pressing Volume Up button. Once you press the specific button combination to boot your device in recovery mode, your device will be booted into Magisk and need to press the volume up button longer to boot it into actual recovery.


According to the law and policies, you are not allowed to use banking and financial apps on rooted devices and Magisk is the most suitable and successful option if you want to use both root access and mobile banking services at once. Hope you will be able to enjoy all the facilities without any harassments with Magisk.

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