Flash your Smartphone with Samsung Odin 3.13.1

Hello everyone! We are back with another post regarding a renowned Android application and that call Samsung Odin 3.13.1. It is really amazing when you are with a Samsung Android handset for you can find out respective ROM files and flash them perfectly. As often, it compatible with tar firmware files it does not matter a stock or a custom ROM/kernel. Though Sammobile will support you to find out respective firmware kits, it is only for stock releases and not for custom ones that should find out through third-party resources. 

About the latest Samsung Odin 3.13.1

At this moment, we can find out Odin 3.13.1 as the hottest version of the utility and that even brought us a couple of outstanding features. Mac OS X support is one of those that previously remained as a Windows only utility. Moreover, S7 and S7 Edge were the device range that make known as perfect with Odin. And the other point is its Android Oreo support. Therefore, ROM packages that available in status of Oreo are applicable using the tool’s version 3.13.1.

Samsung Odin 3.13.1 for Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 is the latest deal of Samsung Inc for users to enjoy everything in an amazing level. So there is no doubt that it contains standard security surrounding wonderful features. Therefore, it would demand if we get to know that Odin capable to support us in flashing S10 models as well. But there are a couple of points to consider. 

The first thing is if there is a latest version of Odin after 3.13.1 for 3.13.1 cannot support S10 according to recent reports. And the other thing is there should be applicable ROM files with Sammobile webpage for the latest S10 models. But at this instant, the resource is empty and there is no any compatible ROM file at this instant. 

Flash Galaxy S8

Just navigate to Sammobile webpage and check out if there are proper firmware kits comes as tar for you to flash your device. It seems you have a couple of one to be selected. This means you are warmly welcome to flash through Odin. Bring 3.13.1 on your desktop and flash right away. We are waiting for the day to note that we are able to flash S10 models as well and that we yet to reach.  

Final words

Since there are a couple things that should renew with an update, there should be a new edition of the Odin. But at this instant, we could not find out a proper clue that there is an approaching update. However, the latest version that you can use is 3.13.1. As clarified above, the utility capable to launch on Mac OS X as well. Moreover, bring those Oreo based ROM files here to flash through. And if you are a user of S7 model, this is the perfect edition to try out. 

By the way, we hope there will be a rapid update of the utility with those points that still we cannot reach through the current edition. Stay tuned.

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