Flash your Android with Mobile Odin download

The tool we brought you today is another remarkable Android rooting tool with the support of manual system files installation and flash. Unlike some other identical suggestions, this available as a paid app that can settle from the Google play store. The most excellent thing of the utility is that the user do not need to concern about recovery files. Kernel and ROM files in-app behind the system can be easily deal devoid of set the device into recovery mode at all. However, the utility calls Mobile Odin download which supports almost all Samsung Android Smartphone and Tablet.

What is Mobile Odin download?

When hear the name Odin, we remember the desktop based Android application that lets users to flash their beloved handsets. But it is completely different from that since this comes as a direct mobile set up though similar as flashing tools. However, while the formal Odin is a suggestion of the very own developer of Samsung devices this arrived from our beloved developer Chainfire. Moreover, with mobile Odin, you do not need to essentially find out tar based packages there for the application can read both tar and zip extensions. 

By the way, with the newest version, users can reach SuperSU version 1.94 and a couple of further device models as well than previous. Before establish to the device, make certain that the phone or the tab has sufficient memory as it comes in size of 2.8M.

Complete guide to Mobile Odin download

  • Launch Google Play store and purchase the Mobile Odin app right away to the Smartphone
  • Once purchase the application, you can install it to the system
  • And then search for a proper kernel package from the web. It does not matter the file comes as a zip or a tar. There are separated methods that you can go through according to the file type that you selected
  • Now launch the installed app to commence the procedure
  • The Superuser request will then popup on your screen. Tap Grant and continue the process

  • If you are with a tar file, follow these steps
  1. Enter “Open File”
  2. Find out the tar file from the handset
  3. And then tap OK > Flash Firmware options respectively
  4. Now, stay there till you can set up the kernel through the Recovery
  5. And then just reboot the phone

  • If you are with a zip extension, then here are the few steps
  1. First of all, click “OTA/Update Zip” in the utility
  2. And then enter “Flash Firmware”
  3. Now patiently stay there for the Recovery to set up the Kernel
  4. At the end, reboot the Smartphone

After whatever installation, it is important that you should check out if the settled file package is stable.

Important facts

  • Check if you are going to download the latest version of the tool Mobile Odin
  • Moreover, the kernel file that you need to flash should compatible with the device model on your hands. For that you can navigate to Settings > About > Build number. The compatible device list can refer from the Play store as well while you download the utility

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