Optimize your battery using Greenify apk

How great it would be if you come away with a utility and that capable to perfectly force the device to save the battery? Of course, there is such an amazing deal call Greenify apk to let you freely carry into play your device without let it waste battery power. It is a tiny application brings in a couple of years back for users with root permission. But now it opens for non-root systems as well with numerous circumstances. However, here we go through a brief narration about its uses that you can refer for an obvious inspiration. 

What is Greenify apk?

In fact, Greenify is the certain implement and that developed by well-known Oasis Feng in aimed at keep your important things alive for a long without let the device die. Therefore, it will safely maintain the battery power of the device unlike any other previous deal. Its specific approach call hibernates and that work on applications that the user select and keep them sleep until you wake up them. 

Since there are several apps that we want to have on our Smartphone but do not need to use often, they are the reason on the peak behind your battery waste. 

Important facts behind Greenify apk

Greenify can set up on both root and non root devices. Although the app was a root-only suggestion from the very commencing stages, it opens for both in recent times. And even features became stable and advanced than previous with time to time updates. Of course, there are a couple of significant features that can only apply when you are a rooted user. But no need to be troubled since the app still can perform very well on your non-root handset as well. Once you settle the utility on your troublesome Smartphone, it will no longer let your device fell down. Behind that, functions such as instant messages, alarm and such important features will not sleep at all. You can enter each app to the list and hibernate them carefully. 

Download and install the app


The utility available in Google Play store that users can search right away. And when you come to third-party resources in the web, they too can offer you the same. But when you chose the second option, make sure that the utility is the latest version and it is reliable to settle.

Wrapping up

Greenify is the app which supports Android users to maintain their high waste battery power. The utility will perfectly expose over the operating system and will move through its certain technical uses and keep those background apps sleep but still awake for its inner movements. The specific technical function calls Hibernate that can only gain through Greenify. Users those who are paying attention can search for its apk suggestion and set up on your handset right away. Since applications always byte your battery power though you may not use them often, there should be a proper manager which capable to force the device to safe the power to remain for a long when you charge it.

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