Flash Android Oreo using Odin download

So this is about the well established flashing tool and that available for Samsung Smartphone and Tablet. The tool Odin download recently introduced the version 3.13.1 which ready willing and able right away. Therefore, the application updates its compatibility to Android Oreo support. Moreover, it can now drive through Mac OS X too in addition to frequent Windows OS. And the best update for S7 users is that the device list expanded with Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge device replicas too. So here is our complete step guide to flash Oreo using the latest version of Odin with the support of all recent enhancements.

Flash using Odin download latest version

Here is the complete guide that you can go through to flash Android Oreo on your Smartphone. Refer both preparations and the step guide first.


  • Backup of the handset first
  • Download Oreo ROM file from Sammobile web page. If you are not a member of the page, it is better to register and create a free account. From now onwards, you can request whatever package there just for free and even gain further support as well
  • And then request the latest version 3.13.1 of Odin on a Windows running PC
  • Now you can go to each above packages you downloaded and extract them
  • Download respective USB drivers and set them to the PC
  • Now you can put the device into download/Odin mode using Volume down + Home + Power hardware buttons. While you press those buttons, refer instructions display on the screen and move on

The procedure

  • Once arrange the device with download mode, use a proper USB cable to network devices that you are going to use through the procedure
  • The Log section of the UI is the part that will let the user know that the attached Smartphone perfectly connect to each other with ADDED! text
  • Run the Odin file right away
  • And then you can click the AP button. A window will open to browse the tar firmware file
  • Enter the ROM kit and continue the procedure

If you could complete each step accurately, then we are at the end of the process. You can click the Start key and stay away for few minutes. Successful operations will end with PASS! message while failed results will let you know with RESET! note. If you are with the first result, then you can securely remove the handset from the PC and go for further movements. But if it is the other, you will have to make corrections and go through the procedure back. 

Troubleshooting tips

  • The Smartphone will not detect if there is a problem with USB drivers, USB ports or the cable. So you can check them if something goes wrong related to
  • Moreover, you have to make sure that the firmware is compatible with your device model. Check the device model from Settings > About Device
  • And also, there is no any certainty of a Windows PC as the latest update capable to work on Mac OS X as well

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