Root Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge with Ping pong root download

 Among thousands of rooting applications, there is a few that drawn attention because of some special reasons they surrounded. In the same manner, Ping pong root download became one of those amazing utilities comes with special uses. Users with Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 variants are the focused lineup as they can accomplish root permission through the implement in a handy manner.  The best thing is Pinpong root tool does not touch the KNOX security counter at all. And even you can simply use a single tap on a key to begin and end the procedure in minutes. Here is further you should know. 

Why ping pong root download is important?

Pingpong root tool is another brave creation of Keen Team. The latest version available for free of charge in the web. Since the tool comes as an apk, users do not have to compile a PC, USB cable or anything else. All you have to do is just come with the handset and browse the implement and directly download to the system. The app comes in 3.99 MB with the support of recommended Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge models. 

However, the reason behind it became one of renowned utilities is its simplified standing even for such heavy duty.  With simple uses contained the interface and the procedure supports to fetch perfect consequences. The name pinpong root seems to use because of the utility capable to reach the ping socket of the handset that it apply.

The Step guide of Ping pong root download


In this procedure, users have to set up SuperSU apk app to the handset before root. Though you can do the manual installation, it is a little knotty for beginners. If you turn for KingUser, keep in your mind that it as well has several compatibility issues. 

The procedure



  • Those who have kinguser should remove it first from the device
  • Download the latest version of Pingpong root
  • Start run the utility
  • So the tool will automatically set up SuperSU version 2.46. Thus you should go through steps on the display
  • The SuperSU application should run for the activation
  • An error text will display for the device did not get root permission thus far. Just after then, the app will navigate to the root tool
  • Click the “Download data” option to update data after connect to a proper Wi-Fi network
  • And then you can use the Root button
  • Once the procedure comes to a perfect end, the handset should reboot
  • And then you can remove the root app from the device system
  • Set up the Root Checker app to check out your root status if you have any doubt

Final words

By the way, if you are with S6 or S6 Edge and looking for root permission, just let Ping pong root offer you successful results even through a simple procedure. Just install the apk app directly to the frame and put your finger on the root button. No need to worry about the KNOX counter at all. Hope you will enjoy.

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