Mobile Odin on Device Rooting Guide

On device android rooting Mobile Odin releases the latest Mobile Odin v4.20. Because of that we don’t need a PC to root Android device. Mobile Odin Pro supports rooting and changing the kernel file and firmware. Odin pro will detect the custom ROM and install it. Odin apk doesn’t need to activate the recovery mode and mobile Odin will root Android device automatically.

Mobile Odin download is easy and simple. On device Odin is user friendly and update to the suitable android version for the device automatically. Further rooting the device with Mobile Odin extends the battery life of the device also. The new updates in the Mobile Odin v4.20 support many latest android devices including Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tabs.

Mobile Odin Pro Android Rooting Guide

  1. You have to purchase Mobile Odin from Google play store
  2. The suitable kernel *.tar or *.md5 should be downloaded
  3. Run Mobile Odin
  4. Click “grant” the notification area in the Superuser
  5. Select the *.tar file and Open it
  6. Click “Flash Firmware” and wait until the device install the kernel files
  7. In case of you have downloaded .zip file then go to “OTA/Update Zip” option
  8. Select “Flash Firmware”
  9. Reboot the device to complete Mobile Odin android rooting
  10. Go to Settings > About Phone > Kernel Version after rooting android device and the kernel name can be seen on the device.

Mobile Odin Custom ROM Flashing Video Guide

Mobile apk ROM Flashing Troubleshooting

Always check the compatibility of the device before Mobile Odin root the device

Mobile Odin Downloads Credits

Credits for Android Mobile Odin custom ROM flashing and rooting go to XDA developers and their forum.

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