Latest Odin 3.10 Download

Samsung Odin is easy and user friendly software for Samsung Android device flashing.   Samsung Odin 3.10 is the latest version released by XDA team. Initially an Android device has official firmware need to be flashed to access the rooting Samsung device. Download  Odin 3.10 can flash the official firmware and install the suitable custom ROM files for device. The latest Odin 3.10 version has two new features, AutoStart and Binary Size. Further Android Odin latest version has the fixes on previous bugs and errors.

System Requirements for Latest Odin 3.10

  • Computer must be Windows operated
  • Update to latest USB drivers
  • The suitable Custom ROM file for Samsung phone must be installed
  • Installation of ADB and FASTBOOT Tools

Samsung Odin Flash Guide with Odin 3.10

  1. Backup the data first as flashing is irreversible
  2. Download Odin 3.10 (or any version that suits) version and install.
  3. Connect device to the computer with the data cable.
  4. Off the device you have for 30 seconds and switch Samsung device on.
  5. Run Samsung Odin 3.10.
  6. Click Auto Reboot and “PIT” (an additional feature)
  7. If selected “PIT”, then select download PIT file and click “Start”. Wait a few seconds and then you have your device flashed.

Samsung Odin 3.10 Download and Flash Guide

Samsung Odin Latest Version FAQ

Q: How much have I to pay for Odin 3.10?
A: Any Odin version is free and you don’t need to pay for it.
Q: What are the supported ROM file extensions by latest Odin 3.10?
A: Odin 3.10 version supports only for *.tar and *.md5 files

Samsung Odin 3.10 Download Credits

Go to XDA team and their forum for Odin 3.10 developing

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