Google AdSense Alternatives

Google AdSense Alternatives – Alternatives for AdSense

Google AdSense alternatives the most of the blog or web publishers are searching these days to carry on their emarketing to make money with Google adwords. Each and every publisher finds adword help to earn money through AdSense e- advertising. The more requests for Google AdSense the more they strict their rules moving many to AdSense alternatives. Apparently most of the new bogies’ requests for AdSense account have been not accepted and it says
“Your Google AdSense account has been disabled or temporary banned”
What? Temporary banned. Sometimes may be forever. So you let down and disappoint? But there are AdSense alternatives for Google AdSense. The top AdSense alternatives can drive you to earn money by emarketing

Chitika – Sites Like Google AdSense

If you are fully addicted to Google AdSense then Chitika is the best alternatives to Google AdSense. As it is the same as Google AdSense. On the other hand Chitika is a leading ad publisher which is compatible with Google AdSense applied for the same web site or the blog. When you Sign Up for a Chitika account you can have different types of advertisement in chitika and you can chose the sizes of the advertisements you want to publish in the site or the blog. Chitika pays you in PayPal (minimum $10) or in cheque (minimum $ 50). Chitika offers three types of basic advertisements,
  • Advertisements based on the search target of the search engine – search target ads
  • Advertisements from local results – local ads
  • Advertisements optimized for mobiles – mobile ads
The most important is that if you get traffic from United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany and such leading countries mate payments you get. If you earn over 5000 unique page visits then you are eligible to get “Gold level ad Program” and if you earn a bit less then you can apply “Silver Level ad Program”.
But one drawback is their PPC rates are not better as Google AdSense.
In addition to that if you registered for referral program, with every sign up done by a new publisher you can earn 10% of their revenue for 1 st 10 months.

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Bidvertiser – AdSense Alternatives

Bidvertiser is popular AdSense alternative which has two unique features with itself. User is paid with every conversion for the ad clicks payments. The other unique feature of the AdSense alternative is the tool supplied to design tool, which can be placed to show sponsored ads.
This is pay per click friendly adnetwork can be used as AdSense alternative regardless of the traffic income of the web site or the blog. But the more traffic you have from leading countries mentioned as above, the more revenue you earn from e-money, because Bitvertiser has only the top bidders with it as a top AdSense alternative. Presenting with four types of ad formats, mobile, rectangle, banners and skyscrapers you earn money that can be withdrawn to PayPal account with minimum $10 and for cheque it is $ 100 at every 30 days. Like in Chitika in Bidvertiser also you can sign up for referral links, with $ 5 when the referred advertiser make $ 10 and further $ 20 for $ 50.

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Infolink – Alternatives for AdSense

Infolink, another AdSense alternative use no space like above alternatives. Infolink is mostly used in larger web sites to make money through texts. The unique feature in this adnetwork is they display advertisements in text, making a something like link to the referred word in the web or in the blog. This is a pay per click adnetwork and the withdraw is paid in PayPal with the limit of $ 50.
It has major four types of ads
  • Insearch ads – when the user enters to the web site an overlay ad will display and it transform the incoming traffic into a form of e-money.
  • Intext ads – this kind of ads aims the main keywords in the content and links will be displayed in the content.
  • Intag ads – this type is also like the insearch ads but the ad can be placed where we need to display.
  • Inframe ads – inframe ads use the unused ads in the web content. They automatically detects the unused margins of the web site and place ads
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These are some of the top adnetworks that pays the highest rates. So to make the best advantage is ahead with this and make e-money with AdSense alternatives

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