OBD2 for iPhones

Download OBD2 for iPhone 5

Bluetooth OBD is the mostly used dongle for iPhone. It is coming with the latest edition that supports any iPhones and you can download latest iPhone Bluetooth App.
First go to the source and click “Add”. Then enter the Cydia or APT URL as http://www.cydiarepo.com/245/how-to-add-cydia-hackulo-us-and-fix-not-working-error/ and click “Add Source”. Then it verifies the URL. Click Add anyway on the pop up message and the software would be updated. So to establish a Bluetooth connection for iPhone you have to click “Return to Cydia”. Then go to “Manage” and type “installous 5” to connect Bluetooth dongle for iPhone 5. Then select “Installous 5” from the coming results and install it to get OBD2 for iPhone.
Once the installation is done it has to respring the iPhone 5. Then click on “Cydia” and type “roqyBT4” and search. To download OBD2 for iPhone 5 install it. Click “Return to Cydia”. Go to search tab and type “roqyOBD4” and install. You need to install all these to insert drivers for Bluetooth dongle for iOS. After completing the installation you need to return to main menu. There you will see the icon for “installous 5”. Click on” Search “button and type “DashCommand” then you can download DashCommand OBD2. After that you need to get the license from roqyBT4 for $6. You can purchase the license by clicking on “License” tab and according to the instructions given there.

iPhone 5 Bluetooth Apps

The go to the roqyBT4 app and go to Configuration tab and click on Configuration. There you can see “Current device type selection” and click on it. After that in the next window check the current device type under OBD. Go back to configuration and select ON for on data request under Automatic pairing label go back and turn on Bluetooth. When you click on device tab you see a window like this.

But the address and the port numbers may vary according to the OBD2 dongles used.

Bluetooth Apps for iOS 6

Go to main menu and click on DashCommand. Select OK and in the next window click “Agree”. In the ‘Select your hardware interface” window tick “ELM” and click OK. Then go to “Setting” tab of DashCmd for iPhone 5 and turn on Auto Connect under “Connection” tab. Then click on OBD-II data port and click Custom IP. Enter the IP address and port number in the window. And save it.
Now you can share images, videos, audios and files via latest Bluetooth app for iPhone 5.

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