Download Kies Air for Android

Android Wi-Fi File Transfer

Wireless file transfer for Android mobiles is more popular and we can share videos, mp3s, images and any other type of data. Basically this tutorial is on Wi-Fi file transfer for Samsung Android mobiles.
To enable Android Wi-Fi file sharing we need to have a connection from the same Wi-Fi router.

Wi-Fi Apps for Androids

Here we are going to use an Android app to wireless transfer files in Samsung mobiles.
So we need to download Kies Air free for wireless file transfer for Android phones.
You can download free Wi-Fi Android app for Samsung to wireless file transfer from here.
note : There are some other methods for rooted android phones. Check our Vroot Download site for all in one rooting tool and rooting tutorials.
Then we need to install Kies Air for Android Wi-Fi transfer.

Then we need to connect the Samsung mobile through Wi-Fi.
Then open Samsung app from file transfer wireless and it will look like this.

Next type the URL in the browser and a window will pop up for wireless file transfer in Android.

After that enter the PIN number displaying on the Samsung mobile in computer.

Then we are done and we can transfer files wireless in android mobiles.
So enjoy your Android Wi-Fi file transfer and if you have any problem feedback us.

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