Huawei HSDPA USB modem Unlock Free

How to Unlock Huawei HSDPA USB Modem Free

To unlock a modem is giving you a chance to insert any sim of any network . although you bought a modem from a certain ISP now you can unlock Huawei HSDPA USB modem free. You don’t need any software to unlock the Huawei modem. You can also unlock the modem using software built on to unlock HSDPA USB modems. But now you don’t need any software for Huawei HSDPA USB modem unlock free. But we must be careful when unblock modem free through internet as it leads to close upon the agreement with the ISP.

This method I gonna say is OK for all the models of Huawei HSDPA USB modems to unlock free. Free unlock Huawei HSDPA USB modems need to know the unlock code of the particular modem. For Huawei modems that is based on IMEI number of the device. So to unlock free Huawei HSDPA USB modems we need to have that number. This consist of 15 numbers. This is mentioned on the modem or the packing of Huawei HSDPA USB modem. Or we can get the number from Mobile Partner. To get the latest version of Huawei mobile partner click here. Under the tools menu the click diagnostic.

Huawei HSDPA USB modem unlock without software

After getting IMEI number we will find the unlock code of the modem we want to unlock free. For that browse “ ”. instead if “###############”type the IMEI numer of Huawei HSDPA USB modem. To unlock Huawei HSDPA USB modem free you will get a page like this.

Ther you will see the unlock number of the HSDPA modem. When you insert another SIM if mobile partner requires the unlock code enter the above code. Or follow the following procedure.
First remove Huawei HSDPA USB modem need to unlock free. Close mobile partner software. Then go to control panel. Then go to system and then to hardware. Select device manager . go to ports and find the COM port number under Huawei mobile connect – 3G PC UI interface.

Then go to program accessories. Click on communication and after that select hyperterminal. Get hyper terminal window and adjust the settings for the port we refered before as follow.

Then connect the hyper terminal to unlock Huawei HSDPA USB modem free.

Then type “A” and “T” and press enter. If every thing is OK you will see “OK”. Then type “AT^CARDLOCK= ”########” “ command. Instead of ######## type relevant code. Then you will get CARDLOCK 2,10,0 as the answer.

Now the unlock Huawei HSDPA USB modem without software is over. If you didn’t get the above answer something is wrong. But you can try up to 10 times and will unlock Huawei HSDPA USB modem free.

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