How To Download Torrent Fast


You may be searching how to download torrent files fast or any alternatives to increase the download speed of the torrent files. Here are some tricks to download torrent fast software wise irrespective of the country or the region where you are.
Why we are searching for fast torrent download is to reduce the time we spend to download the files and to save the data capacity we have. There are some services which allow you to download the torrent files fast by making payments to them. But the service I’m prompting today is a free service and if you wish you can have a premium account also.
Before stepping up to further I have to save one important thing for you, always go for torrents with large number of feeders and less number of leeches as much as possible. That is a successive step we can take to download torrent fast.


 First you have to select the torrent file from torrent side. (Here is the best list of torrent sites)

  1. Then you have to right-click on the file you want to download.
  2. After that select Copy Link Address in order to get original link.
  3. Go to ZbigZ site.
  4. Then paste the link address you copied in the relevant bar in the window. Then click GO.
  5. Now select free from the upcoming window.
  6. Then you have to wait a little bit (not a long time, just about 30 seconds)
  7. Now select download and choose and select free.
  8. Here you can download the file from IDM.
(If you don’t have IDM you can get the original version from this link)
But remember –don’t open ZbigZ tab several times. This will lead not opening the torrent file needed)
You can download torrent files fast if you have the latest IDM version.


 Here is another trick we can follow to speed up torrent download. That is as follows
In the menu bar of the torrent software (here I am using Bit torrent 7.7) go to Option a then click on preference.
Then change the settings as follows.
By this we can achieve we get maximum speed of 450KB/S and minimum speed of 150KB/S.
So these steps are 100% guarantee and try them. Really fast torrent download you will see. Today onwards you can download torrent files very easily and download torrent fast. But make sure that you are downloading a 100% working URL of a torrent files. Unless you can benefit the maximum advantage of download torrent fast.

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