Free Android 4.3 for Windows

Android Jelly Bean Free for Windows

 Android 4.3, Jelly Bean Free for Windows is a virtual platform for Android lovers. Jelly Bean free for Windows, works as an OS in your computer. Simply free Jelly Bean for Windows is not only kind of a theme but also Android OS on your Windows PC.

How to Install Jelly Bean 4.3 Free for Windows

First to install Android Jelly Bean for Windows free We have to create a virtual box in windows to power Android.So download Oracle VM Virtual Box here. Then download Android x86 4.3 image file here.
After downloading Virtual Box install the file. After that run Virtual Box.
Go to New and then select Linux as Type and again Linux as other. Click next button. Then select memory size more than 1GB to install Android 4.3 free. Click next.Then we have to select the size of the virtual drive. In this prompt also we have to give more than 1 GB.
After that select virtual device and go to settings tab. Next select Storage and empty the storage tree. It seems like this.

Then we are going to install free Android Jelly Bean for windows. Double click on virtual device and select android-x86-4.3.iso file. Then click on Install Android –x86 to hard disk.

Select Create/Modify partition.

Then set the primary partition and select bootable to install Android in windows. Now select “Write” and finally select “quit”

After this final step installing Android Jelly Bean free on windows begins.

Smart Guide to Install Android 4.3 Free for Windows

What you all have to do is to click next and precede the stages. This video guide you how to install Jelly Bean free for Windows.
If you face any trouble contact us for Android 4.3 Free for Windows.

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