Free Android Automation Apps

Free Android Automation

Android automation is the easiest way of managing your mobile profile. According to the place where we are we can change the profile of the mobile automatically. Here in Android automation the profile is changing according to the given time has been scheduled. When you are in office we can silent the mobile, data transferring off and so on but when you are at home your mobile become general profile, file sharing on. But you will think we can do it by changing the profile. But most of the time we forget it. So the best thing is to change the profile.

Easy Android Automation Apps

There are many apps to develop such an Android automation. Some Android automation apps are Automagic, llama, AutomateIt, Tasker, Locale and so on. But most of the apps are commercial apps. The best automation apps for Android are Tasker. But it is so advance. Easy and Free Android automations apps are Llama, automagic, automateIt.
Llama is an app using for a long time as it is easy and free to use. Its working condition is controlled according to the mobile signals around it.

How to use Free Android Automation Apps

First install Llama. After installing there app you will see a screen like this.

Go to “AREAS” tab here you have to give the destinations where we are. For this we have to keep a long click on plus till it identifies the place.
Then you have to set the time duration you spend on the destination. During that time free Android automation app, it stores the total signals set.

Then we need to create profiles as our wish for each and every destination. For an example for the office we can create a silent ring tone using free Android automation.

After that we create events that automate Android. The reason is Android automation performs according to conditions we apply. If the conditions are true then performances are activated.

After the final step of Android automation we have a mobile with automatically changing the profile according to destination where we are.
Try this free Android automation app and make comfortable your life with mobile.

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