Smart Guides to SAFER Internet Browsing, Bypass Threats and malware


Security for internet is done mostly by installing internet security software of an antivirus program. But how most of the people get them? Do they download it from the original site? No, what they do is to download it from whatever site that comes after a web search. Or most probably from torrent site, a torrent file. Simply saying 99% of the bad internet habits are done by us.
Most of the times the files we download are installed without having much care. This causes much less care in cyber security. For an instant we take a virus guard. It is a must to download such an anti-virus program to avoid be a victim of the internet bad habits. But most of us just download it from a torrent file or to download it from another site. Why it is must to download it from the original site? When we download it from another site we are subjected to get infected from the virus, spyware Trojan and etc. the same thing happens if we download window, Linux and such OS from torrents.


You may think that we can scan them from virus scanner. But sometimes they are coming in the form of the rootkits. Root kits are in deep of the system files and they are hidden well. Sometimes the torrent files we download are crack files and some of them disable windows update. That is why we sometimes experience the slow speed in the machine and sometimes the clashes in software with OS.
On the other hand we experience alerts when we visit some web sites. They say there are viruses in the PC and to fix it clock this true? Not actually not this is to install more and more spyware and viruses in the PC by sending us alerts. Security in the web is reduced in the form of sending emails saying to install Microsoft updates click here. I know most of the people think that they wouldn’t be victimized if we used Chrome or Firefox. You are safe in internet if those are used. Today large number of hackers use bugs in Flash, PDF and etc. to affect the security of internet. If we don’t do that we can increae network security.
To reduce the security for internet hackers use those bugs through JavaScript. The best thing we can do is to disable Java Script to increase network internet security. If it is Firefox use .noscript. Enable it only for the well-known web sites. On the other hand if you are requested to upload a downloaded or update version never do that unless you know it very well to keep your security for internet.


Now let’s look how to avoid pop-up windows and adware.
This can be done in Windows as well as Linux.
First download the HOST. Zip and unzip it. In vista and Win7 search for notepad. When the notepad is visible right-click on it a select run as administrator to create the file to the security for internet.

Then open a new notepad also and go to file> open. Then select “All file (*.*) instead of “Text Documents (*.txt)”. Open the HOST file where we unzip the Then select all and copy them. Then got the notepad we open as run administrator. Go to file>open “All files (*.*)”. Give the path as “C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC “and go.
Go to the HOST file and open it. Select all and paste what we copied earlier. Now save the field and close notepad and windows.
What this does is to avoid visiting web sites having spyware and adware. This works in any of the rower and secures and increase security for internet. Because this blocks the DNS levels. When we visiting a web site first the PC checks the HOST file and then the DNS client. So this action looks up DNS secondly and we are can have a safe web search. If we are visiting such a site it avoids the visiting as our HOST IP is, our own loopback IP.
But creating this is not sufficient for online security. We have to update the data base. Go to and get latest updates. But this does safeguard the PC 100%. But safer than before. So keep in mind what I said at the beginning of the article. More legal downloads prevents cyber-attacks and increase the security for internet.

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