How to run Android Apps in windows is more frequently asking question Android is spreading as fast and it owns many unique apps everyone likes to run its apps in Windows. To run Android applications is only can be done in Android OS. Running mobile applications in any other OS can’t be done without a special program to run it. Launching Android applications in Windows can be started using Blue Stacks program. After installing Blue Stacks Android apps can be run in Windows. That is the brief story what I’m going to tell today.


Blue Stacks is a freeware. To run Android in windows we have to download Blue Stacks from free. That is the first step on how to run android Apps in Windows. When we visit the site we can select the operating system we run whether Windows or Mac. In windows we can select XP, Vista s and Windows 7 from the green button and windows 8 from the blue button. For Mac we can download Blue Stacks from ash colored button. This is how we are going to get into the business how to run Android Apps in Windows.
The setup file of Blue Stacks is downloaded and let’s goes to the next step on how to run mobile apps in windows now. Then double click on the setup file and install it in this moment the computer must have the internet connection. Then run Blue Stacks program to run Android apps in windows. After running the application in windows we can see top 25 apps being used. To download the apps we have to click on the particular app to begin download. After downloading the app it automatically begins to install and then a message will pop up saying the installation is OK on our way on how to run Android Apps in Windows


After installing an Android app in windows we have to go to My Apps. Click on My Apps icon and then we can see all the apps installed in windows. Then click on the app wish to run. We can run it as in an Android mobile using the mouse. We can do the same thing if we open the Apps window in the desktop.


There are 6 tasks we can perform in windows over an Android App.
  1. Go back
  2. We can go to the previous destination where we were after logging to an app
  3. Show Menu
  4. We can get the menus available for the particular app.
  5. Home
  6. To go back to the home page of Blue Stacks application window we can use this command.
  7. Settings
  8. Can change the settings of the Apps and program
  9. Share Snapshot
  10. We can share a screen shot of the app and share it in Facebook or Twitter
  11. Toggle Full Screen
  12. We can get the full screen view of the app and to return to the previous screen size press F11.

    How to change the settings of Blue Stacks

    To make any change we have to go the settings tab displaying on right side of Blue Stacks application window. The settings can be made as follows.

    1. Cloud Connect
    2. We can connect the mobile and the PC in the cloud system
    3. Manage Application
    4. To change the settings we can go to this tab and AppSettings box will appear.

    All the apps installed in windows are displayed in the window.
    Choose App Size, the most important setting we have here when we need to know how to run Android Apps in Windows. As the apps have been configured to display in the mobile the apps are running in the PC in horizontally. To change them into vertical mode we can use this change it we have to select “Tablet” instead of “Default”.
    To delete the Apps installed we can use the same window. What we have to do is to clock on the delete button preceding the app’s name. When the button is clicked a message would pop up and ask whether we want to delete the on continue button and the app is deleted. After doing the changes to the apps using the Blue Stacks settings window click on “Done” button and we can leave the window.
    So now you can free download Blue Stacks and install it in Windows or Mac. Then we can run Android apps in the relevant OS. Enjoy my article on how to run Android Apps in Windows and if you have any questions leave here.

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