TestDisk, free data recovery software that is used specially to recover a large amount of is free recovery software to recover partitions as well as the lost data. How it finds those lost data is from the remaining data on the disk. Free Linux data recovery software recovers those data by this method. But if we save a file, install or uninstall a program or configure a program those remaining data also could be damaged.
So the best thing we can do is to care for the partition we need to recover from writing data on it. Free data recovery software cant recovery if we write data on it badly. On the other hand it run by an OS installed on the hard disk we need to recover is not good. Because this may cause writing data on the disk by auto run programs. In such cases free data recovery software can’t relocate the files.


The best thing we can follow is to boot the PC from another disk or from a Live OS. It is your choice which method should be followed. After boot we can use TestDisk data recovery free software to recover the files. Download TestDisk. Before run the program we need to unmount the partitions being mounted and the swap off the files swapped. (I mean it is better if you can do it)

sudo umount /dev/sda*
sudo swapoff -a
tar xvfj testdisk-6.11.3.linux26.tar.bz2
cd testdisk-6.11.3/linux
sudo ./testdisk_static

 Then we have to find the partition need to recover.

TestDisk free recovery software has a unique feature of showing a brief description of each and every step we it is easy to use this free recovery software. After analyzing the disk we can see a screen like this.

Free data recovery software shows the partition structure on this screen we can use left and right arrow keys for that purpose in TestDisk free data recovery software. We can find the partition last by the partition label. Or we can use the Size in sector tab to find it.
Some of the commands in data recovery free software.

Structure: OK this show the partition structure selected is valid.
Enter: to continue guide you to proceed. We can write the partition structure to disk if we need. But this needs much consideration.
P: list files

We can check the files in the partition structure even without write to disk from this step. If need can copy the data to a storage media.

Now you can recover the files on the disk. But if you relocate them on the same partition you can’t be succeeded. As it erases the remaining data on the disk and never recover files then. So you have to relocate them on another partition. Or you have to connect the PC to another PC and run TestDisk or have to use a USB disk or to share files through Wi-Fi or the Ethernet.
So you can run TestDisk free data recovery software for secure data recovery. But keep in mind to write the data on the same disk may lead you never recover the data from TestDisk, the free data recovery software.

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