Latest BLACKBERRY Q10,Z10 specs & review




Blackberry one of the turning point of smartphone history has launched two new smartphones. The new Blackberry smartphone is having a new appearance compare to the older versions. That is to say it is a combination of the appearance of iPhone and the Blackberry it is coming in a new appearance that the world has never experienced. So this is going to be an important landmark in the smartphone market. Blackberry smartphones are used most of the times in administrative levels due to its new features coming to day.



Blackberry OS is the newest smartphone OS coming to the market. Like iPhone running on iOS, Samsung is running on Android Blackberry is running on Blackberry OS. The latest smartphones from Blackberry Z10 and Q10 are running on Blackberry 10 (BB10) OS. The latest smartphones from Blackberry are consisting of 1.5GHz dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus processor. Blackberry smartphones comprise of 2GB RAM. The memory capacity is 16 GB in smartphone from Blackberry. Those smartphone are capable of running in even in new network types like 4G LTE. So this is obvious that Blackberry is having old and new features together efficiently.





When typing in Blackberry smartphone the word going to be typed can be guessed. That is Blackberry smartphones can predict the words typing.



The newest feature from Blackberry smartphone is balance. The ones who are using Blackberry smartphone as their smartphone are using another mobile as their personal mobile separately. But in new Blackberry mobile having BB10 OS we don’t need to use two mobiles. That is because of we can manage two different profiles in the same Blackberry smart mobile. That is balance facility available in Blackberry smartphone.



The apps for Blackberry smartphones can be downloaded from www.Blackberry web site. There are over 70000 apps available in the web site.
We can manage our all the communication facilities based on the internet such as Facebook, twitter, email, appointments in one place. That is called hub facility. On the other hand Blackberry is using a new technology to maintain its battery life longer. That is to use trilateration facility instead of GPS facility. This facility is used to find the place where the mobile is.
The web browser coming with the Blackberry 10 OS is a unique web browser. It is a faster web browser than the other web browsers base dons iOS, android and windows.
Blackberry link is the software coming to connect the Blackberry smartphone and the PC. When once the smartphone is connected with the PC using the OS all the data stored on the mobile can be downloaded to PC.
In Z10 and Q10 the screen is having 356 ppi (pixels per inch). But in iPhone it is just 326 ppi. So the newest Blackberry smartphones have a great display than the other smartphones we find today.

The latest Blackberry smartphones are really a new combination of new technologies that make our day toy life easier placing Blackberry smartphone in an important level.

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