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Jailbreak Zeppelin into apple product is coming common. that is because we can make any apple device more useful and efficient by jailbreaking. On the other hand we can customize the features installed there with our preferences. So jailbreaking is more user friendly.
This article is about how to jailbreak to customize the logo of an Apple product. We can replace the logo coming with the device with what we first of all we have to install Zeppelin. Zeppelin is one of the best tweaks we can install after jailbreak. Simply saying Zeppelin is used to change the logo of the carrier. Instead of the logo in the Zeppelin we can apply any logo we like.


First go to cydia.

then got search and type Zeppelin and search for it.

After that install Zeppelin to jailbreak. Then go to settings and turn on Zeppelin. Then you will see list of logos in Zeppelin.

 Check any of the logo you like to jailbreak Zeppelin.

After installing Zeppelin we have to create the logo we need to install. We can use any image editing software to create the logo like Photoshop, GIMP and there are softwares to install the image created like FileZilla, CyberDuck and iFunBox. But there a bit of things to keep in your mind.


If your device is a retina device you have to type @2x at the end of the file name. this means the mage is having high resolution.
black@2x.png - this id used when the status bar is activated.
etched@2x.png - this is use when the notification bar is activated.
silver@2x.png - this is used when the application is activated.
(we can create the logo in any color we wish)


For non-retina devices the maximum logo size is 60 x 20 pixels.
Foe retina devices the maximum image size is 120 x 40 pixels.
Open the software to create the logo with 120 x 40 in 72 dpi canvas size.
Create a new folder having the name of the logo.
After creating the logo save them with names given above. Please be careful to type @2x at the end of the filename if using a retina device.

After that transfer the create logos to the phone. We can use any file transferring softwares name d above. Copy whole the folder. The destination to copy the file is /Library/Zeppelin.

After copying the folder go to the settings and activate the logo.

This is the way to jailbreak the logo of an Apple product. Follow the steps and have a nice logo in your Apple device with jailbreak Zeppelin.

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