Download YouTube HD VIDEO  (with Firefox add-on)

Have you known that we download many YouTube videos at the same time? Sometimes you may not have known it. The normal way is to download series of YouTube videos is to download them one after the other. Bur we can download many YouTube videos at the same time. Just think you want to download a bulk of educational videos or series of episodes of a TV series. Of course we can do that. But in this case we need to have Firefox to activate this feature. Because the add on today I’m going to present is working only with Firefox.


The add on that allows you to download many YouTube videos at the same time is BYTubeD-Bulk YouTube Video Downloader (Firefox add-on). You can download that add-on from this link.
  • After downloading the add-on you have to install the plugin. All we need to do is to add to Firefox.
  •  After that as they say we have to restart the Firefox. Now the primary tasks are finished and we have to start downloading many YouTube videos from Firefox.
  • Now go to YouTube and select the playlist you need to have.

  • Then right-click on the playlist and select BYTubeD from the menu emerges.

  • Then we can download the videos we want to download from YouTube playlist. (Either you can download all the videos from the playlist from pressing Ctrl+A or you can click on the videos while pressing the Ctrl)
  • We can give any format or quality as we wish. But we have to select En-queue for download from the drop down menu appears under “what to do”.
  • Now click start.
Here we see the files are being downloaded at the same time.

So now onward we can download many YouTube videos at the same time and this would make our time save.
Think that you have found an ideal site to download many YouTube videos of a TV series then you can apply this method without any doubt at once and then you don’t need to search for the same videos again and again unless you bookmarked them.
So this going to be rally amazing for you to download YouTube videos at the same time, try this and rock yourself.

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