The next Generation Microsoft SURFACE SMART PHONE


Smart mobile, the biggest evolution the computer has undergone is the handy electronic device used by 50 % of the mobile users. It shows how effective the Smartphone is and going to be. Smart mobile being user-friendly and facilitated with advanced technology is at price everyone can reach. Actually speaking smart phone has come to a critical point in mobile market share.

Microsoft is also a company that manufactures mobile phones although they manufacture PCs. recently Microsoft released a new smart phone, Windows phone. Again it’s going to release a new smart phone .this smart phone powered by Windows 8 and Android operating systems. It’s said to be a better smart phone than other is believed to have all the features available in other smartphones. The new smart phone from Microsoft is named as Surface Phone.
The best company that manufactures the best smartphones in the world is Foxconn International Holding. World famous smart phone accessories such as Nokia, Apple iPhone, Sony, Lenovo, Huawei and CRT are manufactured from this company. Surface smartphone is also manufactured by the same company.


The display is expected to be HD display with about 5 inches with at least 300ppi expected, more pocket friendly. Unless it would be user rejection. So as we heard Microsoft is much bother about this factor of the smart phone. Its brand name will come under Microsoft. the specialty Surface smart phone consists of is we can powered it either from Microsoft Windows 8 or I think this is going to be the first time that Microsoft is going to cooperate with Google. Normally Microsoft and Google are two opponent companies regarding their market share. But this time Microsoft has added Android to its new this may be a business trick that Microsoft is going to experience.

This is the first time that a smart phone is going to have a dual-boot in other smartphones this hasn’t experienced. But Microsoft has accepted that challenge and going to rock the Android lovers also can use Windows Surface mobile. Because of that I doubt whether Microsoft is also going to be this will be an advantageous chance for Android developers to have a look into Android OS synced with Windows OS. Surface mobile is believed to be look like Nokia Lumia 920.
Surface smart phone is a touch the real sense of the word this may be highly sensitive for touch, that’s why the name Surface. I hope this will be faster than Windows phone that was launched earlier. On the other hand all the applications may have links to home page, its mean no deep search to the particular applications. Its graphical interface looks like Windows 8 Metro it will be faster with a simple graphical interface.

Most of the times the applications on Surface smart phone may be internet service based you need to be connected into internet for more thrilling applications except the basic applications. But it’s hoped to have offline services will be introduced and developed. Mostly there are social network based services working effectively than the other smartphones. Especially in Android boot there are many third-party applications rather than Windows 8 boot.


  • Surface smart phone is believed to be well capable of sharing files among the devices through Wi-Fi connection and the latest 4G is facilitated due to LTE connection.

  • Surface smart phone may consist of QUALCOMM Snapdragon S4, a multitasking processor with excellent performances. It’s supposed to be having a memory upgradable to 64GB and will be available from 16 GB and 32 GB versions. RAM may be about between 2GB-1GB.

  • Surface smartphone’s camera is 8Mega Pixel with the LED flash light while the secondary camera being 2 MP. The video recording capability is expected to be HD this will be a cool smartphone than the other we see but little bit costly due to its HD capability.

  • Its battery must withstand its total facilities such that it can be used at least about 20 hrs. Of talk it has to consist of about 1900mAh Li-ion battery. Most probably a wireless charging is supposed. Much hardware details haven’t been revealed regarding Surface smart phone.

So Microsoft’s Surface smart phone is new dimension in dual-boot mobile OS consisting of the latest USB 3.0 version. This is also a way of making the mobile faster I file transfer than other the file transfer will be a plug and play device when connected to a PC or a tab.Is Surface a smart phone work by just a touch on its surface? Let’s wait for Surface smartphone and see how it really looks like.

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