Windows 8 App Store Troubleshoot

Windows 8 Troubleshoot,App Store Troubleshoot 

Most of PC users are going to run windows 8 in their PC and sometimes you have already installed it. maybe all its features work properly. but sometimes not. Most of windows 8 users complaint that their App Store isn’t working. So you may be worried about Windows 8 App Store. you can have new  and essential Apps for Windows 8 because of that.
So today I present you how to resolve it and to enable Windows 8 App Store

1.       First Try Turn on Firewall.

2.       Incorrect Date and Time

Try sync the time with Windows server

3.       Licensing on Windows Store isn't Synced

       Though your Windows 8 is activated sometimes your App Store isn't activated.
        So try these
1.       Go to  Windows store
2.       Press windows key +C
3.       Open settings
4.       Select App update
5.       Sync license
6.       Reboot your PC and try downloading

Sometimes your Windows 8 App Store won't work due to the applications running at start up

1.       Rebooting the PC at a selective start up
2.       On desktop to open Run program press windows key +R
3.       Type MSCONFIG or msconfig in run dialog box and press enter
4.       Under general tab uncheck on Load Start up Times
5.       Under Service tab check on Hide All Microsoft Service and click on Disable All
6.       Then reboot your system and try to install it again

System File Check

Try also this one if your still unable to activate Windows 8 App Store,
                1. open command prompt (run as admin)
                2. type sfc/scannow
                3. press enter

Windows 8 Apps Troubleshooter

Download this from microsoft and run.

Repair windows 8 Apps

What about if it look like this

Click on “Go to the Store Link” and then see a message “This App needs to be Repaired”.
Then click on repair.
Please note that if you have a crack version of Windows 8 these aren’t working. But if it’s a activation by KMS this these should do.
Try these solutions and if it exists subscribe us.

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