Secure Facebook Data With Facebook Backup

How Create A Facebook Backup , Easy Guide To Back Up Facebook Data

Hey guys, to day I’m going to tell you how to back up your Facebook data, that is to say Facebook backup.
Just think that you guys lost your data shared or stored in Facebook and you need the same data for another profile. Then what would you do?
 Asking for friends?
 No need not have such a thing. Now you can backup data on Facebook create a Facebook backup and save them. You can get wall posts, messages, photos, photo albums and such things you shared on Facebook.
How many times have you thought about such a facility on Facebook back up?

How to Have A Facebook Backup

First log in to your Facebook account.
Now clock on the small arrow head next to “Home” button on the right hand side.

Select “Account Settings” from the drop down menu.
Click on the “Download a Copy of Your Facebook Data”   in the Account Settings dialog box.

Then a page - “Download Your Information” will appear. But actually it doesn’t download for at the moment. A message will appear and say that the after get ready the data an email link will send you.

After a short time log in to Email and see. Remember to log in to the Email that you have provided to Facebook. Unless you can’t have the link.

Now open it and download whole the data you have shared in Facebook.
As I think every Facebook must need to have a Facebook backup with them as we can’t rely on what is on cyber. Just think if one day soothing is seriously wrong with Facebook and they lost whole the data on their servers. Again they are going to make a Facebook. In that case we don’t want to repent on the data we had stored. As Facebook backup is available we must really use it and have a backup with us to face such a situation.

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