Have you ever thought of backing up your valuable data in cloud computing system rather than in various storage devices? You may be a busy person with internet. But do you know what exactly the Cloud Computing. For cloud computing we need to have two or more servers. Unless it’s not a cloud computing. You may wonder why we need cloud computing if we are having many types of storage devices. That is because of you can get that stored data from anywhere you are. On the other hand you can share your data with others as well. So your data is secured than storing them on typical storage devices.


I think all of you have downloaded torrent files via torrent software. so when you downloading those software you may have seen there is a download as well as an upload occur. This is a simple example for cloud computing. Let’s talk about cloud computing using an example.

Let’s think we are going to upload a video to YouTube we upload that file what happen is our video is saved in their server and in the other servers belong to them either in the same time. This is saved under a user name that we have given and in a particular location.This technology is called “Clustering”. This is two can understand by this picture

Data base clustering (if a change is made in one server the same is applied to the other server data base)
Application clustering(if a change is made on one server the same is applied to the other server)

Since we have uploaded the video it is available in the server. Think the server systems we are talking about have servers in New York and the other in the video is available on both USA server and Paris server.


Now a fine thing is going to happen. Think that we or someone else need to watch the video we have uploaded suppose it was streamed from USA server data base. You know guys what we see on internet is automatically downloaded to our PC and then of course we can see it. That’s how we see a text or a multimedia through internet. Anyhow when we click on the video think USA server is loaded with traffic and its in such cases the video is streamed from the other servers on which our video is stored, in this case from Paris server. But we don’t know where it streamed from and actually we don’t need to know do we?

In other words what cloud computing do is to get back the data when they are wanted at a low traffic period that has been stored on servers that are com-mixed to each other.

If you still can’t understand this is another example. But this is known to you only if you have used torrent. Torrent itself is a kind of cloud computing. If you have used torrent we can see “Seeds”. Seed is a kind of server that we can get data from. Think we are going to download a film from piratebay. suppose the film is so popular and all the guys are going to download it from piratbay. If the file size is large the case is worse. If all are trying for direct download then the worst. The serer is down as it has it full traffic and it can’t yield the demand. So the server is fall.

But if you are trying for torrent downloads this is not going to happen. What happen there is to share the portions of the files that have been downloaded by the seeders. This means when a torrent download is going on two things are happening. Those are the downloading and uploading. You can see that while downloading a torrent if you are using torrent software. This automatically creates a network among users.


To have a cloud stored data base is valuable as whatever happens it exists unless all the servers aren’t having a cloud data base is more advantage full while having your data in a storage device. Cloud computing is the latest trend in the world in storing data as the internet has spread its wing wider.

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